Digital Check Payments for QuickBooks Online

Easily manage check payments on the go, instantly approve and sign checks from your mobile device, and print a more secure check with advanced security features.
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Digital business payments simplified for QuickBooks® Online users

Checkrun lets you easily manage check payments on the go, instantly approve and sign checks from your mobile device, and print a more secure check with advanced security features.

Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online means a quick and easy setup, and no duplicate data entry or prefunding—ever!

Easily sync payment data

Simply import your payments in QBO, as usual, and select the “Print Later” button. Your payment data is, then, automatically uploaded to Checkrun. That means no double data entry or prefunding.

Instantly approve checks anytime, anywhere

With Checkrun, you can easily review, approve and sign check payments anytime, from anywhere. You can even view attachments and invoices uploaded in QBO directly from Checkrun and our mobile approval app. That means approvers can review support materials within Checkrun without a need to print out physical documents. True anytime, anywhere check approving and printing.

Print a more secure check instantly

Checkrun supports printing on your current QBO preprinted checks or blank check stock. When using blank check stock all client specific data is printed along with the check, and the same check stock can be used for all of your clients. With Checkrun, business payments have never been easier and faster.

Protect your business against check fraud

Protect yourself and your business payments from risk with extra security for your checks including, secQR code, security fonts, microprint and more. Our software is designed to provide the easiest way to convert check issue files from QuickBooks Online into a bank’s positive pay format. The solution works with any bank and is used by thousands of companies across the U.S.

Get control of your AP process

Our check-focused payment platform makes it simple to manage your business payments, eliminate obstacles of current bookkeeping processes, and take your business remote. With Checkrun and QuickBooks Online, business payments are easy, instant, and more secure.

  • Stay on top of your workflow with built-in notifications and reminders
  • Customize your approval workflows and user roles to fit your business needs
  • Manage multiple accounts with a single log-in

All-In-One Check Payment Solution

Easy and instant payments

Save time paying clients and vendors electronically with a quick and seamless setup. No double data entry – ever!

Payment approvals from anywhere

The Checkrun mobile approval app gives you the control to review, approve, and sign payments from anywhere at anytime.

Secure your accounting firm's payments

Whether using preprinted check stock or our Truprint™ blank check stock 15+ built-in security features, we make sure your accounting firm and payments are secure.

Get help when you need it

We are always here to help! Assistance from our friendly support team is only a click away.

Top COVID Payment Solution for QuickBooks Online

How does it work?

When it’s business as usual, Checkrun automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online to simplify and secure the check approval process.

Easily sync and set-up your accounts.

Sign-Up and sync Checkrun with QuickBooks Online. All you need to do now is set-up account information, workflow, approvers, and user roles.


Begin managing your payments.

When you process payments in QuickBooks Online the “Print later” option is the mechanism that automatically syncs your payments to Checkrun. Now, you have the ability to manage your business on the go.


Print and mail checks in minutes.

Print locally or print from your office. choose from multiple check layouts and designs or use our print and mail service where we handle it for you.


Access additional information.

A copy of the approved check image is always sent back to QuickBooks Online from Checkrun for added security and audit trails.


Invoice on mobile device

Why Checkrun?

Checkrun was designed by payment experts for QuickBooks users. Use Checkrun to eliminate the hassles of chasing down approvers to sign checks. Add cutting edge fraud protection while reducing costs. Get Positive Pay files directly from your check printing application. Improve your company image with our library of stylized checks or add color to your preprinted check logos and signatures. Many companies prefer check printing over electronic payments and Checkrun is the best solution for checks.

Top COVID Payment Solution for QuickBooks Online

What syncs with Checkrun?

Checkrun pulls transactional and non-transactional data from QuickBooks®. The non-transactional data includes the company, vendors, and account information. Transactional data includes check and bill payment information for checks ready to be approved and printed.

Data elements include check data Payee, Amount, Date, Check number, and additional information relating to bills and check remittance and attachments. Checkrun pushes payments paid status, check numbers and check images to QuickBooks.

I’m a bookkeeper and I manage several clients. Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations. Setup was fast and easy. I didn’t have to install anything and it connected right to my Quickbooks account.

Gone are the days of having to chase down check signatures, manage accounts across multiple programs, or spend hours preparing audit reports. Remote payment solutions for your accounting firm are just a click away. Streamline and automate the way you work with Checkrun!

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