Modernized check payments for QuickBooks® Online users

Highly customizable check printing and payment management, CheckRun is a cloud-based payment management system for small and mid-sized businesses looking to modernize, streamline and secure their business payments.




Cloud Based Application, No Installs

Seamlessly Integrates with QuickBooks® Online

Extra layer of Security Protection

Secure and intuitive mobile app

CheckRun Executive Approval App

The CheckRun Executive Mobile App gives you the freedom to review, approve and sign checks anytime, from anywhere. With CheckRun’s mobile app, apply a live digital signature or a fixed static digital signature eliminating the hassle and inconvenience of tracking down approvers to sign and approve checks.

We securely process more than $40 Billion in payments annually.

America’s largest banks and businesses trust us to process more than $40 billion in payments annually. Now, the same multi-layered security that protects them is yours with CheckRun. Positive Pay, secure QR codes, secure fonts, customizable workflows, and 15+ security measures embedded in its blank check stock are only a few reasons why CheckRun is such a great security enhancement for QuickBooks® Online users.

Quick Set-Up

CheckRun, designed exclusively for QuickBooks® Online is easy to use, easy to set up and does not require technical expertise or installation – You’ll be modernizing your business payments in just minutes.

Multi-Company Management

CheckRun makes it easy for you to manage the payments processes of multiple companies within the same QuickBooks®-familiar interface.

The Executive Mobile App give you the freedom to make payment approvals and signatures happen anytime, anywhere.

Customized workflow and role management can be set for each unique company to ensure added security and efficiency.

Check Choices

Use your existing pre-print checks, or select our Truprint™ blank check stock with more than 15+ security features embedded into the paper. Add your company logo onto top check layouts or select a middle or bottom check configuration for greater options all while saving money.

CheckRun offers additional layers of security like SecurQR Code, Security Fonts and microprint.

Print and Mail

Same Day Print and Mail Services are available

Be Green while saving time & money?

Super Convenient! Eliminate the hassle of printing, stuffing and mailing checks. With CheckRun’s Print and Mail service, we do it all for you for just $1.50 per check.

CheckRun print and mail products and services are environmentally friendly and in adherence with sustainable business practices.

The built-in Positive Pay feature automates fraud detection, enabling banks to match the checks your company issues with what is presented for payment. All elements of each check must match, or the bank will contact you for further review and authorization. There is no better way to avoid check fraud!

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