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Automate your accounts payable for payments that are smarter faster more secure

Our all-in-one accounts payable solution helps you process, approve, sign, and send business payments from anywhere, at any time.

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Easily Approve, Sign & Send Business Payments On-The-Go

We help businesses take control of their cash flow by improving the speed, efficiency, mobility and security of their entire payment approval process.

Our easy-to-use payment platform makes it simple to manage your business payments, eliminate obstacles of current bookkeeping processes, and take your business remote.

How Checkrun Works

Easily manage your bill payments on one dashboard, instantly approve and sign checks from your mobile device and print a more secure check with advanced security features.


Stop chasing approvals & signatures on checks. With our all-in-one accounts payable platform and mobile app, you can review invoices, approve and sign checks, and schedule payments from anywhere, at anytime. It’s the easiest way to manage business payments on the go.


Stay on top of your cash flow, connect your team & never miss a payment. With our workflow and payment automation, managing your bills and approvals has never been easier.


Say goodbye to manual check processing & costs and hello to a completely digitized solution. Print and mail checks locally or use our convenient same-day print and mail service. We do it all for you, eliminating the need to store preprints & supplies!


A two-way sync with QuickBooks Online ensures clear payment records, audit trails, and eliminates manual data entry errors. Secure payment routing, electronic access to supporting documents, signature capture and check printing—all done from Checkrun.

Bring your small business into the future.

Manage your cash flow, run your back office operations, and pay your bills without missing a beat. Gain complete visibility into every payment, at every step of the approval process, regardless of the location.

Checkrun’s payments platform is built to help small businesses make quick and secure payments without the need of check stock or a printer. 

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Accounts Payable - Simplified.

Checkrun businesses save up to 60% of their time and money across their payment approval processes.


Reduce errors and increase compliance by automating each step of your accounts payable workflow. Your remote team can easily route approvals for POs, invoices, and payments from anywhere.

Audit Trail

A built-in audit trail keeps track of every transaction a team member has with a bill or vendor - the best way to manage cash flow and keep payments secure.

Mobile App

Payment approvals on-the-go. Checkrun’s mobile approval app makes it easier to keep track of approvals, processing, and payments.

Check Printing

Need to print your checks? Checkrun accommodates multiple print layouts, colors, and logos so you can customize your checks to suit your needs.

Check Printing

There’s no need to store pre-printed checks and supplies. With Checkrun’s same-day print and mail service, we take care of it all, for just $1.50/check!

Advanced Settings

Need to set different permissions for different team members? Or, manage multiple accounts throughout the day? Checkrun can do that.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an essential part of every check fraud prevention program. Checkrun’s Positive Pay software helps protect your business against fraudulent activity and reduce the risk of unnecessary losses.

Blank Check Stock

Cut costs while increasing your check processing productivity with Checkrun. We provide blank laser check stock that is guaranteed to reduce check fraud while increasing your savings.

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The all-in-one Mobile Approval App

Easily get checks approved and signed digitally in an instant through the Checkrun Mobile Approval App – making it easier to connect with your team remotely or when a colleague is out of the office.

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If you’re searching for the best place to order checks and want to find a solution that allows you to purchase business checks online, business check printing supplies and all your other check needs, you’ve come to the right place.

The Smart Way to Pay.

Checkrun is designed for accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners looking to add an efficient, secure and low-cost way to approve, sign and print check payments from anywhere.

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What Clients Say

Checkrun is great in bridging the gap between customer payments. It took a lot of stress out of running a small business.

The automatic print and mail feature has been my favorite so far. All I have to do is approve a check and Checkrun takes care of the rest.

The ability to have payments signed remotely has been a huge time saver for me. I am no longer forced to visit my client's locations to have payments signed.

Really like that I can use it from my tablet and everything synced over easy. Most of all, I appreciate the great customer service - it's nice to know they have me and my businesses' back. Thumbs up!