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Checkrun’s Print and Mail Service

Secure, same-day printing and mail service from Checkrun that you control from your home.

PAM by Checkrun

Print and Mail by Checkrun is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to print and mail your business payments.

Approve and sign your business checks in Checkrun and our PAM service handles the printing and mailing for you! 

Digital Check Signatures

Approve and sign checks directly from your mobile device.

Payee Positive Pay

The bank’s most trusted solution for preventing check fraud. PAM by Checkrun holds the largest library of Positive Pay file creation.

Restrictive Legend

If the check becomes stale after 30 to 180 days, the bank can determine whether or not to honor it. Allows you to close the books even if checks have not been processed.


Security scan QR to ensure check details match.

Security Font

Security Fonts are used to print text and dollar amounts onto the check face to prevent forgery and check alterations.

Multiple Approvals

You have the option for multi-approval, up to two signature lines per check.

Same-Day Checks

Checks that are approved in Checkrun can be printed and mailed the same business day.

Complete piece of mind


PAM by Checkrun prints on our TruPrint Z-fold Blank Check Stock that is enhanced with 15+ security features including
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Toner Grip
  • Void Pantograph
  • Fluorescent Fibers
  • Microprinting
  • Warning Borders
  • Padlock Icon
  • Control Numbers
  • Security Field
  • SEQR Code

How it works

IT’S AS EASY AS 1…2…3…


On payments screen, select the payments ready to print and click on the ‘print and mail’ option on the top navigation bar.


The payments that are approved and ready for printing before 11am PST are printed the same business day. For maximum security, checks are printed on Z-folded pressure sealed check stock.


A copy of the printed check image will be passed back to QuickBooks Online for your historical access, added security and audit trails.

Print and Mail Checkrun

Understand the risks


Businesses suffer catastrophic payment fraud attacks more often than robberies and system hacks combined. Checkrun’s secure payment solution with Print and Mail by Checkrun can help to eliminate that risk keeping your payments and company reputation safe and secure.


of companies were targets of payments fraud in 2019


of organizations experienced check fraud in 2019

Looking for a new best friend?


Business Owners

Same-day print and mail dispatch feature to handle all of your check payments for vendors, without the need to keep checks on hand and reduce lag time.

Accounting Firms

One login to manage all of your clients and their bank accounts, including integration with QuickBooks Online. Print checks like a pro and handle client payments with ease.

Construction Industry

No need to spend time and money, approving, signing and printing and mailing your checks. Checkrun does it for you. Use the time to work on projects and grow your business.

The automatic print and mail feature has been my favorite so far. 

All I have to do is approve a check and Checkrun takes care of the rest. They are automatically printed and mailed so I don’t have to leave my home during this crisis.”

-Current Checkrun Customer


PAM by Checkrun is designed specifically for use with QuickBooks Online. PAM allows Checkrun users to select the hassle-free option of same or next day mailing, saving time, money and added convenience.

How does same-day print and mailing work?

PAM checks are processed at 11 a.m. PST. Any jobs submitted before 11 a.m. will be processed that same day. Any jobs submitted after 11:01 a.m. PST will be processed on the next business day.

Is PAM included in a Checkrun membership?

Print and Mail services are available for all Checkrun customers for an additional fee of $1.50/check.

Can you cancel PAM checks before the scheduled print and mail time?

Yes, checks scheduled for PAM can be cancelled any time prior to the printing time cut off through the Checkrun Cloud application.

Is there a limit of the number of checks printed and mailed through PAM?

There is no limit for the amount of checks printed and mailed through the PAM service.

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