AP Technology Introduces Checkrun for QuickBooks Online

Jun 2, 2020 | Press Release | 0 comments

SAN DIEGOMay 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Payments pioneer AP Technology today introduced Checkrun, the company’s new mobile /cloud check approval and signing platform that modernizes checks for QuickBooks® Online users.

Checkrun™ extends QuickBooks Online (“QBO”) through an API. No double entry of data is required and payments are made directly from business accounts, so no prefunding is required. Users can review, approve and print bank-quality checks in minutes from anywhere. Checkrun checks can be printed and mailed automatically or printed in company offices.

“The same technology that we use to protect, process and manage million-dollar payments for some of the largest banks in America is also used to power Checkrun,” said Richard Love, CEO at AP Technology. “CheckRun was built with accountants and bookkeepers in mind and has features influenced by our clients, like images of printed checks being stored back into QBO.”

One of the most-anticipated Checkrun features is the ability to approve and sign checks from the Checkrun mobile app that is available to Android and iPhone users. “No more chasing-down clients for signatures. Check approvals and digital signatures can be gathered anytime, anywhere—right from your mobile phone,” said AP Technology’s VP of Cloud Services, Julie Fennell.

AP Technology is a Carlsbad, California-based company that creates software payment systems for banks and businesses of all sizes. They are on pace to process approximately $80 billion in payments for their customers this year.

To learn more about CheckRun, visit Checkrun.com.

About AP Technology
AP Technology is a Carlsbad, California-based payments software company that processes billions of dollars in payments annually for customers that includes banks, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes. Since 1989, AP Technology has propelled the payments industry with pioneering software products that combine next-generation security, efficiency, speed, mobility, and cost savings with remote printing and payment management.  AP Technology’s suite of payment products includes APSecure, SecureCheck 9, SecurePay, and Checkrun. For more information on AP Technology products, please visit https://www.aptechnology.com/

Media Contact:
Rachel Ott
Digital Brand Manager, Checkrun
760.602.5404 / press@aptechnology.com

SOURCE AP Technology

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