Easy, secure, automated bill pay.

Manage and pay your bills in one place, easily create payments from bills, and send remittance advice for every payment—all with Checkrun.

Online Bill Pay Service

Better workflows,
better bill pay.

Schedule payments that work for you—and make bill pay efficient and easy.

Easily track payment status and vendor actions.

Easily track and manage bill payment status.

Get the visibility you need to track and manage your bill payment progress on one secure platform. You’ll never have to search for details about a bill again.

Choose your payment method

Choose your payment method and timing.

Pay the way your business needs–ACH or paper check–and schedule bills to ensure timely vendor payments. You choose what and when works best for you.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Two-way sync with QuickBooks Online.

A two-way sync with QuickBooks Online shares all bill and payment data in real-time. Eliminate manual data entry to streamline and automate bill pay. 

Create payments from bills with ease.

Easily create a payment from any bill in Checkrun. You decide who, when, and how much to pay–we’ll send the payment to your supplier, track the payment and update the balance due in both Checkrun and QuickBooks Online. 

Manage payment approval workflows

Bill Pay Dashboard gives context to every bill.

Checkrun gives your business the power to manage all your bills from one place—to save you time, ensure accuracy, and see the full picture. Streamline your workflows and get more efficiency while maintaining control over your payments.

Bill pay dashboard gives context to every bill

Schedule payments.

Extend bill due dates to hold onto your cash longer–for any payment method. Checkrun sends a notification – via email or push notification – when the bill payment has been made.

Schedule payments and bills

Send remittance advice.

Pay electronically and easily send your vendors the remittance advice needed to reconcile their payments. Your vendors will receive a secure link and pincode to access complete remittance advice on all payments.

Ensure remittance on all ACH payments with checkrun

All your bills, all in one place. 

Checkrun makes bill pay fast, effortless, and errorless. 

Optimize your accounts payable

Optimize your accounts payable.

Streamline your entire payment process—faster payments, reduced risk, easier reconciliation, and no more trips to the bank—all through one easy-to-use solution.

Build scalable workflows

Build scalable workflows. 

Gain complete control of company expenses, and have confidence knowing the right people are approving the right payments.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Two-way sync with QuickBooks Online.

Checkrun integrates with QuickBooks Online to automatically import all bills, vendors, and payment data—and for instant payment reconciliation.

Be confident in your approval process.

Ensure the right team members can easily review and approve bills without slowing down your process. 

Add team members to streamline workflows.

Add every member of your team–even your accountant–to streamline workflows.

Set up bill pay approvals for efficiency.

Set up bill pay approvals and get more efficiency while maintaining control.

Save time on reconciliation with accounting sync

Save time on reconciliation with our 2-way QuickBooks Online sync.

Be confident in your approval process

We’ll update QuickBooks Online.

Our two-way sync keeps your QuickBooks Online account up-to-date and reduces the time spent on manual, tedious tasks related to bill processing.

Manage payables with ease and streamline approvals
See a complete audit trail for every payment, at every step
Eliminate dual data entry hassles and errors
checkrun and qbo integration

Extra features to make life easier.

Give your team the control and flexibility they need—while automating your back office for fast, efficient and secure bill payments.

Bill pay dashboard

Bill pay dashboard.

Checkrun makes it easy to manage, track, and pay all your bills from one dashboard, saving you time and hassle.

Mobile payment processing.

Mobile payment processing.

Accept and process payments for business expenses through your tablet or cell phone. Convenient and secure payment processing at your fingertips.

Save time on reconciliation with accounting sync

Remittance advice.

Create visibility and build trust with your vendors with electronic remittance advice for both check payments and ACH transactions.

payment notifications

Payment notifications.

Use email and push notifications when bill payments need approval and when they’re paid.