Give check
payments their due.

When check payments are business as usual, Checkrun is the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to pay for QuickBooks®
Online Users.

Real-time check approval and signing right from your phone.


Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks® Online

Sign checks remotely with the Checkrun Mobile Approval App

Built-in fraud and tamper protection

Manage multiple accounts with a single login

Respect the check.

Upgrade your check payments with Checkrun, the mobile and cloud-based application for QuickBooks® Online users that provides businesses a secure, anytime-anywhere payment workflow for the most modern way to cut checks.

Checkrun Mobile App

So Easy.

Approve checks anywhere with the Checkrun Mobile Approval App

The Checkrun Mobile Approval App makes it possible to approve and sign checks with a digital wet-signature anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. No more tracking down approvers and no more rushing back to the office to sign and cut checks.

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Stay on top of your workflow with auto-notifications

Checkrun email and push notifications instantly let you know when your review, authorization or signature is needed.

Manage check payments and printing via the cloud or mobile

Add multi-layered security and digitally-driven convenience to check payments in minutes through our cloud-based or mobile solutions. No software installation, no technical expertise required, no heavy lifting.

Print checks when and how you want them

Whether it’s QuickBooks® pre-prints or blank check stock, Checkrun accommodates multiple print layouts, colors, and logos so you can customize your checks to suit your needs.

Skip self-printing altogether with Print + Mail

Approve and sign checks through the Mobile Approval App, choose the Print + Mail option, and we’ll take care of the rest for just $1.50/check.

Sync your payments with QuickBooks® Online

Checkrun is fully integrated with QuickBooks® Online, which means a quick and easy setup, and no duplicate data entry—ever. Plus, you can easily send an image of your printed checks to your QuickBooks® Online account for record-keeping.

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Always Secure.

Print a more secure check

Checkrun adds unprecedented security to your printed check. Whether using preprinted check stock or our Truprint™ blank check stock with 15+ built-in security features, Checkrun enhances your check with additional security.

Customization built in

Protect against tampering with customization options such as logos, watermarks, and a secure QR that includes payment information allowing payees to validate your check’s authenticity.

Keep your circle of trust small and honest

Checkrun’s custom workflows and role management capabilities help tighten your internal controls. Mitigate additional risk by eliminating the need for excess signers, signature stamps or signed blank checks with the Checkrun Mobile Approval App.

Guard against fraud with Positive Pay Services

Checkrun is the only check management application to integrate services for Positive Pay—a powerful fraud prevention system offered by the nation’s leading commercial banks.

Make room for peace of mind

Checkrun’s Truprint™ blank check stock means no longer having to carry the risks of storing pre-printed checks.

Checkrun accounts payable

Ideal for Accounting Firms

Eliminate the need to securely store each clients’ preprinted check stock

Checkrun supports printing on your current QBO preprinted checks or blank check stock. When using blank check stock all client specific data is printed along with the check, and the same check stock can be used for all of your clients.

Single login to access all of your client accounts

Checkrun supports quickly toggling between all of your clients Checkrun memberships with a single login.

Never drive to a client site to get checks approved and signed

QBO allows you to upload supporting attachments for payments. These attachments are commonly bills and invoices and are pulled directly into your Checkrun payment. Approvers can review support materials within the Checkrun app without a need to print out physical documents. True Anytime, Anywhere check approving and printing.

Access archive check images directly in Quickbooks

Checks printed in Checkrun will be archived and attached to the check payment within QBO. Print these images for you records or access them anytime in QBO.

Skip self-printing altogether with Print + Mail

Eliminate envelopes, paper, and printer supplies by having Checkrun print and mail the checks for your clients. Checks approved by noon PST are printed and mailed that same day.

No prefunding required. Checks printed directly from client accounts

Checkrun processes and prints checks directly from the businesses own checking accounts. NO NEED to approve and FUND payments 4-7 days prior to payments being created.


Each Checkrun plan comes with a 15-day, risk-free trial.

Get started today.

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