A modern approach to business payments.

We believe that by enabling multiple payment methods and by automating the payables process – we can change the way business payments are made and make it easy to start, grow and scale your back office.

Easy business payments

Our story. 

The process of paying bills is anything but business as usual—it can be costly, a target for fraud, time consuming, and error-prone. Businesses everywhere are facing rising costs and want more control and visibility to their business payments.

So, we made it our mission to build more than an efficient Accounts Payable tool. A B2B payments experience that not only saves time but also creates opportunities and convenience to work from anywhere. A payment approval workflow so easy it helps businesses better serve clients as they grow and succeed, instead of their back office. Our vision is to create a powerful payment platform for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to simplify the payment process so everyone can focus on more important things.


“This software was the critical tool that allowed me to make check payments when geographically separated from the company’s bookkeeper.”

Clinton R. 
Real Estate Management

“Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations.”

Bill F.
Freelance Bookkeeper

“Checkrun is great in bridging the gap between customer payments. It took a lot of stress out of running a small business.”

Martin G. 
QB Proadvisor

Say hello to better business bill pay.

Checkrun gives you a better way to pay. For businesses and business owners, it’s an easy-to-use cloud-based platform and mobile app to manage, approve, track, and pay all business bills in one secure place. For accountants and bookkeepers, it’s a modernized payment platform that reduces costs, simplifies internal processes, and boosts client satisfaction.

Fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, Checkrun enhances the accounts payable experience by delivering a simple, smart, and powerful payment platform focused on mobility, convenience, and security.

How it started.

Richard Love, AP Technology, Checkrun founder and CEO, had a dream to start his own business. Having focused his career on designing and implementing finance systems for businesses and banks, he became immersed in the advanced technologies and innovations in the Payments Industry.


From that point on, he decided to create software products that provide next-generation security, efficiency, speed, mobility, and data management. In 1989, AP Technology was born.

AP Technology’s payment products offer the best in software for the best of both worlds – traditional paper payments and electronic payments. Checkrun was introduced in 2018, as part of AP Technology’s suite of payment products, and welcomed its first customers in 2019.

How it’s going.

After more than 30 years, AP Technology continues to provide trusted payment systems through superior technology and multi-layered security. In 2021 AP Technology processed more than $100 billion in payments using our accounts payable payment products.


As part of AP Technology, Checkrun’s solutions are backed by next-generation encryption and multi-layered security, secure infrastructure, user-centric software solutions, and best-in-class customer support. AP Technology serves banks, financial institutions, government organizations, universities, and businesses of all sizes. AP Technology’s suite of payment products includes APSecure, SecureCheck 9, SecurePay, and Checkrun. For more information, please visit www.aptechnology.com.

​“The same technology that we use to protect, process and manage million-dollar payments for some of the largest banks in America is also used to power Checkrun. Checkrun was built with accountants and bookkeepers in mind and has features influenced by our clients, like images of printed checks being stored back into QuickBooks Online.”

Richard Love, CEO at AP Technology & Checkrun

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