Checkrun for Law Firms

The Everything-You-Need Payment Solution for Law Firms that Use QuickBooks Online

Secure and convenient, Checkrun is created with law firms in-mind. Now, you can modernize and streamline your payment issuance processes from anywhere.

A Check Payment Solution Your Law Firm Can Trust

Checkrun for legal professionals enables you to issue settlement payments locally, at remote offices, or outsourced to our Print & Mail services. Check images may be sent electronically to claimants before checks are received and deposited for settlement validation.

Payments can be made from multiple bank accounts for delineation of payments by case.

No more time wasted chasing signatures, either. With a variety of payment options, including paper checks and ACH, it’s easier to pay your firm’s bills. Plus, electronic remittance advice is sent according to your preferences.

Some of the more popular ways law firms use Checkrun to make payments include:
Settlement Checks
Case management payments & Attorney payments
Lien payments
Medical payments
Accounts Payable (AP)
Trust Account payments

The Checkrun Advantage

Modernized payment issuance for your law firm

Checkrun integrates seamlessly for a two-way sync with QuickBooks Online, allowing you to remotely approve and sign checks with our Mobile Approval App. You can manage multiple accounts and more:
Proof of payment: Provide payees with actual check images before the paper checks arrive
Secure check printing and mailing, from anywhere
Approve and sign checks with the Mobile Approval App
Customizable workflows and permissions
Automated Positive Pay check protection built-in
ACH and modernized check payment disbursement

Check Printing and Mailing

Modernized Solutions for Traditional Checks

Whether you need to securely print checks in-office, at remote locations, or if you prefer to let us handle the check printing and mailing for you, Checkrun is built for the way you do business. And no pre-funding! Payments that are convenient and secure, Checkrun ends manual payment tasks, making you efficient and productive. Checkrun gives Law Firms their choice:

Print Checks Locally

Configure Checkrun to meet your check printing needs. Print checks locally on your exisiting check stock, preprinted stock or blank check stock, enhanced with layers of security.

Remote Check Printing

Easily print your firm’s check payments at any office or location, to any printer. No more tracking down approvers and rushing back to the office to print, sign and cut checks.

Print and Mail Service

Eliminate the hassle and cost of printing, stuffing and mailing checks. With Checkrun’s Same-Day Print and Mail service, we do it all for you for just $1.75 per check.

Checkrun for QuickBooks Online Users
Secure Payment Issuance by Check and ACH

•  2-way, real-time sync with QuickBooks Online
•  Approve and sign payments with Checkrun’s Mobile Approval App
•  Streamline and configure workflows for the way you do business
•  Automated Positive Pay for check fraud protection

To learn more about Checkrun’s integration with QuickBooks Online, visit our step-by-step guide here.

Seamless Experience

Manage check payments and check printing via the Cloud

Your law firm can more efficiently, more securely, and at less cost with Checkrun– the desktop and mobile solution for processing checks that centralizes your legal check payment needs into one automated platform that is accessible from anywhere. Checkrun integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to add security and customizable features for the way your law firm does business.

Digital Solutions for traditional checks

Checkrun Has the Tools You Need to Run an Efficient Modern Law Practice

Insightful, cloud-based check payment software, powered by QuickBooks Online – at your fingertips. Streamline your check payments with an automated solution designed to handle every step.
Checkrun dashboard
Always know where your firms’ payments stand. See all settlement payments, case expenses, unprinted checks, and more in one place. Plus, you can manage multiple accounts with one login.
Custom workflows & user roles
Assign user roles, permissions, and account-based workflows to streamline the approval process. Ensure who has access to approve, print payments, and view reports.
Payee Remittance Portal
Easily notify payee’s payments when they are printed and in the mail. Automatically send an image of the mailed check or remittance data for electronic payments – for easy payment reconciliation.
Secure check printing
Choose from multiple check styles and layouts, add logos, multiple signature lines and a secure QR that validates your check’s authenticity.
Positive Pay
Checkrun’s Positive Pay conversion software makes it easy to convert your check data into files that match your bank’s specifications. We offer over 200+ bank positive formats.
Meet payment deadlines
Email and push notifications let you know when a payment needs to be reviewed, authorized, or when a signature is needed.
Be audit-ready
All payment-related activity and check images are automatically logged and attached to the payment in QuickBooks Online for reference.
Electronic payments available
ACH file generation is available for easy NACHA file upload to your banking relationships.

Your firm’s financials in your pocket

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork, chasing signatures, and lengthy approval times. Checkrun’s Mobile Approval App lets you approve and sign check payments anytime and anyplace. Your payment processes are faster and more efficient, making your law firm more productive.


Streamline and Automate Your Check Payment Process to Keep Your Focus Where it Belongs – on the Law.

Simplify, secure and automate your law firm’s check disbursement processes, from mobile payment approvals and signing, to sending remittance. Checkrun’s payment processing solution for QuickBooks Online users is the modern way to pay for law firms and legal professionals.

Pay from anywhere, securely

Get more work done outside of the office—whether you’re in court, in transit, or even in line for coffee. Securely approve bills, sign payments and send checks from any connected device, anywhere.

Guarantee check image & deposit

Claimant check deposit guarantees funds receipt and settlement terms verification. Checkrun enables both with transparency during the entire payment process.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Automatically sync your contacts, bills, payments, and settlements with QuickBooks Online, saving you time and keeping your firm compliant. Images also are synced back from Checkrun to QuickBooks Online.

Get a Checkrun demo and modernize your law firm’s payment issuance processes

Payment issuance at your law firm does not need to be complicated. By syncing Checkrun with QuickBooks Online, you can approve, sign and process payments, regardless of the device, and run reports automatically whenever required. Checkrun helps legal firms scale with configurable, automated workflows that add security, efficiency, and compliance to existing payment processes.

Checkrun supports all types of law practices:

Personal Injury Firms

Defense Attorney Firms

Family Law Firms

Estate Planning

Business Law

Civil Law & Civil Rights Law

For expenses like:

Settlement checks

Case management payments

Attorney payments

Lien payments

Medical payments

Office & utility payments

Trust accounts