The Smartest Bill Pay Solution for Accountants & Proadvisors.

Checkrun for QuickBooks Online, keeps your modern business moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Bill pay solution for accountants Checkrun

Delight your clients with a complete bill pay solution for QuickBooks Online.

Checkrun is changing how accounts payable gets done by empowering small businesses to approve, sign, pay and sync payments anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence.

When organizations automate their account payable processes with Checkrun, everybody benefits. Our all-in-one expense management and bill payment solution is built to help you deliver value at scale.


Approve bills. Sign payments. Define workflows.

Checkrun allows you to quickly and securely make every payment and approval digitally, from anywhere, on any device. Flexible workflow capabilities let you assign approval permissions in the right order and define roles for each team member, automating what used to be a slow, manual process.

online payments made easy


Flexible payment methods to satisfy your clients.

From everyday business transactions to printing and mailing paper checks to vendors, Checkrun transforms how your clients approve, pay, sync and manage bills. Choose to make payments by ACH bank transfer or paper check. By simplifying the accounts payable process you can give your customers the flexibility they want.


Benefit from 2-way QuickBooks Online sync.

Checkrun works on top of your QuickBooks Online account, powering it up with real-time, two-way sync to record every payment and payment detail. With the ability to send electronic remittance advice to vendors and access complete digital audit trails, Checkrun gives you total confidence in every transaction.

Checkrun and quickbooks online integration


Simplicity, efficiency and peace of mind.

Offer a complete expense management and bill payment solution your clients will actually love using. Switch between client accounts in seconds and manage all payments in one centralized platform. Checkrun’s intuitive user experience and simple implementation enables you to accelerate transactions and reduce manual paperwork from day one.

Approval workflows

Better workflows,
better bill pay.

Waiting for approvals is frustrating and time-consuming. With Checkrun, there’s no need to wait. Gain greater visibility and control over the entire accounts payable process and focus on what matters.

Track approvals every step of the way.

Check and manage approval status for every action made in Checkrun and send push notifications automatically.

Mantain separation of duties.

Automate and control which bills need approval, by user role or amount, and when approvals are due. 

Increase fraud protection.

Require a second approval with dual control of signatures or approvals to minimize fraud and errors.

Relax, Checkrun has everything you need to make bill pay fast, effortless, and errorless.

From everyday business transactions to printing and mailing paper checks to vendors, Checkrun transforms how you approve, pay, sync and manage bills. Checkrun can help you modernize your accounts payable to automate processes, accelerate turnaround times and digitize vendor payments.

Reduce risk of check fraud, make payments faster, and eliminate payment processing bottlenecks and costs. Take the headaches out of business bill pay with Checkrun.

Sync with QuickBooks Online
Seamless two-way sync with QuickBooks Online
Build scalable workflows
Flexible, customizable approval workflows and user roles
Remote payment processing
Mobile approval app with digital signature capture
Local Check printing with more than 14 check layouts – Blank or preprint check stock supported
Same-day Print and Mail Service
Get started with Checkrun
Multiple payment options including ACH and paper check
Choose your payment method
Electronic remittance advice and payee portal
Set up bill pay approvals for efficiency.
Full audit trail for every action taken in Checkrun
Add team members to streamline workflows.
Access to multiple accounts with a single login
payment notifications
Payment scheduling with automatic push notifications
fraud detection and audit trails
Fraud protection and Positive Pay file generation
Optimize your accounts payable
Real-time reporting and visibility

Simplify bill pay. Maximize cash flow. 

Checkrun makes bill payments fast, effortless, and errorless-for everyone.

Easy business payments

Extra features to make life easier.

Give your team the control and flexibility they need—while automating your back office for fast, efficient and secure bill payments.

Bill pay dashboard

Bill pay dashboard.

Checkrun makes it easy to manage, track, and pay all your bills from one dashboard, saving you time and hassle.

Save time on reconciliation with accounting sync

Remittance advice.

Create visibility and build trust with your vendors with electronic remittance advice for both check payments and ACH transactions.

payment notifications

Payment notifications.

Use email and push notifications when bill payments need approval and when they’re paid.

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