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Run accounts payable from anywhere

Easily approve, sign and pay your bills—all from the comfort of your home or office! This is the ultimate work-from-anywhere tool for accounts payable tasks.

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Manage your business payments with Checkrun’s Mobile Approval App

Work doesn’t always take place at the desk. With a mobile app, you can become just as productive while on the go. If you want to simplify the entire payment approval process and get more done, Checkrun for iOS and Andriod is available now.

Simplify payment approvals

Tailor your approval workflows and permissions to fit your business rules, and Checkrun handles the routing for you.

Manage payments on the go

The Checkrun Mobile Approval App lets you review, approve, and pay your bills – no matter where your business takes you.

Never miss a payment deadline

View your payments in real-time and schedule reminders for upcoming payment deadlines and due dates as you need.

Stay in (two-way) sync

Checkrun automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online, keeping your books consistent and speeding up reconciliation.


Approve & process payments faster

Accounts payable tasks like approving payments create delays and tedious work. With Checkrun’s Mobile Approval App, you can make payments – or approve expenses – wherever you are. Approve, sign, and process payments 2x faster. 

Approval workflows

Simplify payment approvals

Save time and reduce errors. Easily automate admin tasks and invoicing. Customize approval workflows with multi-step approvals based on amounts, vendors, approvers, and stay up-to-date in real-time. 

print and mail service
payment approval workflows


Stay in sync with QuickBooks Online

A two-way sync between Checkrun and your QuickBooks Online account automatically adds all bills, invoices, supporting attachments, and payments into Checkrun – eliminating double data entry. Checkrun reconciles your bill payments back into your QuickBooks Online account.

Check signing

Easily sign checks remotely

Use Checkrun’s mobile approval app to easily sign checks when you are away from the office. The payments go out immediately – eliminating excess paperwork and reducing clerical errors.

print and mail service

Get more done with Checkrun.

In order for remote teams to operate successfully, you need to have the right tools in place. Luckily, Checkrun makes it easy for finance teams.

Bill pay

Quickly and easily review, approve, and process your business bills and payments in one place while on the go. You can even print and mail checks from your phone.

Payment reminders

Easily meet payment deadlines with email and push notifications that let you know when a payment needs to be reviewed, authorized, or when a signature is needed.

Check Printing

Need to print your checks? Checkrun accommodates multiple print layouts, colors, and logos so you can customize your checks to suit your needs.


Built for your unique processes. Set your internal controls, manage workflows, establish approval parameters, and gain full visibility into all of your payments.



Access pending approvals, upcoming payments, and invoices/attachments. Your data is always available and synced directly to QuickBooks Online for peace of mind.

Advanced Settings

Need to set different permissions for different team members? Or, manage multiple accounts throughout the day? Checkrun can do that.

Audit trails

A built-in audit trail keeps track of every interaction a team member has with a bill or vendor – the best way to manage cash flow and keep payments secure.

Print and Mail Service

There’s no need to store pre-printed checks and supplies. With Checkrun’s same-day print and mail service, we take care of it all, for just $1.50/check!

Security and Protection

With features like Positive Pay, check fraud detection, and an audit trail on every bill, Checkrun is designed to keep you and your business safe.

Your business payments, protected.

Fraud is scary – but it does happen. And, it happens more often than you think. Luckily Checkrun is designed to keep you safe with built-in security features that eliminate risk and liability. 

Two-factor authentication

Use two-factor authentication to keep every account secure.

User roles and permissions

Set specific permissions for your team based on expense amount, user role, etc.

Check fraud detection

Built-in Positive Pay service helps keep your business safe.

Audit trails

Every vendor and payment comes with a built-in audit trail.

Cut Costs. Reduce Time. Run a Secure, Remote Team.