Automated check payment solution
– built for accountants

Automate and streamline your payment processes for clients.
Provide the most secure accounts payable solution.
Manage multiple accounts from anywhere.
Two-way sync with QuickBooks Online
Customized payment approvals & workflows
Mobile check approvals & signing
Increased efficiency & productivity
Checkrun Payments

Automate your accounts payable with Checkrun.

Gone are the days of having to chase down check signatures, manage accounts across multiple programs, or spend hours preparing audit reports. Use Checkrun as your check payment solution.

Seamlessly sync with QBO

Eliminate double data entry with automatic two-way sync for all your check payments with QuickBooks Online.

Access accounts with one login

Quickly toggle between all of your client accounts from a single dashboard. See the status of their payments with a single login.

Save time on payment delivery

Checkrun processes and prints checks directly from your businesses’ own bank account. No pre-funding required, making cash flow management a breeze.

Approve and sign on-the-go

With Checkrun’s mobile app, you can review, approve and sign checks – or even reschdule payments – from wherever you are.


All-in-one check payment solution

Streamline your clients’ workflows with an easy, intuitive, and cost-effective check payment solution that you both will love. With Checkrun, easily manage check payments on one easy-to-use dashboard, instantly approve and sign checks from your mobile device, and print a more secure check with advanced security features.

Stay in control

Payment approval workflows

With unlimited seats and highly customizable permissions, different permission levels are available for your team so that you can keep your clients secure and your team structure in place.


Run AP from anywhere

With Checkrun, easily review, approve and sign check payments anytime, from anywhere. You can even view attachments and invoices uploaded in QBO directly from Checkrun and our mobile approval app.

Checkrun Payments

Added Security

Guard against check fraud

As an accounting firm you can prevent check fraud, risk, and the liability of storing costly pre-printed check stock for your clients with blank check stock. When using blank check stock all client specific data is printed along with the check, and the same check stock can be used for all of your clients, keeping overhead and expenses low without forfeiting services.

Check printing made easy.

Checkrun works with Intuit preprints or blank check stock. Try one of our multiple blank check stock layouts to create secure, branded and professional-looking checks -customized for your business needs.

Your accounting team can do more, with less

The ultimate accounting automation tool

Checkrun is built to suit any accounting practice – of any size or scale. Automate your check payment processes and add more value to your clients while growing your business.

Your accounting dashboard

Checkrun gives you an overview of your clients, easily switching between them while giving you a rundown of all of your payments and work in one easy-to-use location.

Your remote payment solution

Even when you’re working apart, Checkrun keeps your business connected and solves workflow and communication challenges by leveraging email and push notifications, customizable workflows and payment approvals right your mobile device.

Your peace of mind

Checkrun ensures your payments are always protected, safe and secure. We offer the largest positive pay library to protect your payments from fraud and security threats.

Run a more secure, efficient and remote team with Checkrun.

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