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bill pay for accountants & bookkeepers.

Checkrun for Accountants and Bookkeepers allows you to manage multiple accounts, mobilize the approval process and print and mail professional and branded checks – all from one easy-to-use platform.

Power your AP with Checkrun

Powerful accounting automation, back by our trusted accounts payable solution, will drive value, growth, and productivity. Focus on your customers —not chasing paperwork, invoices, and cutting checks.

Work without limits

Checkrun’s bill pay solution reduces the amount of manual work you need to do for your clients (like payment approvals and check signing), while eliminating errors and inefficiencies.


Improve control & visibility

Still tracking down approvers to sign and cut checks? The Checkrun App is a guaranteed way to ensure payments are approved and signed on time. Quickly process payments and send reminders to people who have not yet approved payments.

Satisfy your clients

Easily add users and set up their roles and permissions, so your clients can approve payments in real-time while staying in control. With Checkrun, you will solve the challenges of maintaining client relationships and working collaboratively while working remote.


Keep it all in one centralized place

The Checkrun dashboard gives you an overview of all of your clients and payment data. Easily switch between accounts and see a complete rundown into client’s payments – future, present and past – in one easy-to-use platform.

QBO integrated platform
manage AP from any device


Secure, bill pay management

Use custom user roles to automate every step of your AP workflow. Easily manage multiple accounts with a single login, payment approvals, and access archive check images directly in QuickBooks Online. Checkrun helps you establish continuous reliability and security for your client’s financial data.


Stay in sync with QuickBooks Online

Eliminate double data data entry with automatic two-way sync between your Checkrun account and QuickBooks Online. Create clear payment records, audit trails, and easy historical access to data for all your bills and check payments. Eliminate manual work, double data entry and free up time for strategic planning.

remote accounts payable
remote accounts payable


Manage AP anywhere, anytime

Checkrun keeps you and your clients connected and solves workflow and communication challenges by leveraging email and push notifications, customizable workflows, and payment approvals from any mobile device.

Businesses like yours are successful
with Checkrun.

Your business payments are always protected.

Fraud is scary – but it does happen. And, it happens more often than you think. With features like Positive Pay, check fraud detection, and an audit trail on every bill, Checkrun is designed to keep you and your business safe.

Positive Pay Service

Checkrun ensures your payments are always protected, safe and secure. We offer the largest positive pay library to protect your payments from fraud and security threats. Stay one step ahead of criminals and guard against fraud.

Built-in protection

We've added advanced security features to eliminate risk and liability. Biometric verification, Mobile Capture of live signature, built-in audit trails, secure QR codes, security fonts, microlines, and more.


TruPrint Blank Check Stock

Prevent check fraud, risk, and the liability of storing costly pre-printed check stock with our TruPrint high-security blank check stock. Keep overhead and expenses low – without forfeiting security or convenience.

Built for clients like yours.

Get a holistic view of your client’s finances, with more reliable data, less manual work and error-proof accounting.

For industries like:

Professional Services



Financial Services

Retail & eCommerce

Transportation & Hospitality



For expenses like:

Contractors, permits, etc.

Inventory, storage and warehousing

Legal services

Office supplies

Technology and electronics

Events and convferences

Tools and equipment

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