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Checkrun Frequently Asked Questions


What is Checkrun?

Checkrun is a leading bill pay solution for small businesses and accounting firms. Imagine a solution that makes your day-to-day AP operations easier, faster, and more secure. You can build custom approval workflows that work for your team while streamlining payments to your vendors. This is one powerful platform and mobile app that not only saves time but also creates opportunities and convenience to work from anywhere. A payment approval workflow so easy, it helps businesses better serve clients as they grow and succeed.


How does Checkrun work?

Checkrun simplifies business payments and streamlines accounts payable workflows and tasks. Our platform enables you to automatically sync your payments from QuickBooks Online, where they can be approved, signed, printed, mailed, and paid within Checkrun. Vendors can be paid via Check and ACH (coming soon). And we’re encrypted to the highest standards – so you never have to worry if your account is safe.


What customer support does Checkrun offer?

At Checkrun, our dedicated team of experts is here to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We also offer chat support (with a short response time!) on our website and have a Help Center packed with helpful articles and tutorial videos.


Is my bank information secure when added to Checkrun?

Yes! We’re encrypted to the highest standards – so you never have to worry if your payment details are safe.

All banking details added to Checkrun are securely connected and encrypted via our authentication partner, Plaid. This helps protect against unauthorized access to your account and keep our platform safe.


How does Checkrun prevent me from fraud?

Checkrun is designed to keep you and your payments safe. That’s why we have built-in security features like bank-level security, built-in fraud prevention technologies, Positive Pay file creation, and high-security check stock. We also enable you to set permissions for your team that enforce separation of duties with role-based access so you can control who can approve, pay, print – and access – your payments.



I'm an accountant, can I use Checkrun?

Yes! Checkrun’s modernized payment platform for accountants and bookkeepers helps automate accounting tasks, simplify internal processes, boost client satisfaction, and reduce AP costs. We even have a mobile app so you can manage payments and approvals from anywhere. For more information, book a custom demo or contact us at [email protected].


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, Checkrun offers a 15-day risk-free trial with every membership. Credit card is required.


Does Checkrun integrate with QuickBooks Online?

Yes. A two-way sync between Checkrun and your QuickBooks Online account automatically adds all bills, invoices, supporting attachments, and payments into Checkrun – eliminating double data entry. Checkrun reconciles your bill payments back into your QuickBooks Online account with a full audit trail for each payment.


Does Checkrun work with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online?

Checkrun is a cloud based application that works with QuickBooks Online. Unfortunately, we do not support QuickBooks Desktop. 


What are the options for paying in Checkrun?

Checkrun offers the most secure Checks in the industry and includes local printing and our print and mail service. In mid 2022, Checkrun will expand into ACH and Bill Pay. Stay tuned and contact us if you have any questions!


Is there a mobile component to Checkrun?

Yes, Checkrun offers a mobile approval application for iOS and Google Play that allows payment approvals and check signing securely from your mobile device. To learn more about our free mobile approval app, click here.


What is the Print and Mail service?

Checkrun offers same day check printing and mailing with Print and Mail service, (PAM). You approve and sign payments and we print, fold, stamp, and mail them – on high security check stock – so you don’t have to.



Does Checkrun bulk pay my vendors?

No, we don’t bulk your vendor invoices. We pay each invoice separately for easy reconciliation of payments.


What accounting systems integrate with Checkrun?

Checkrun integrates in a two-way sync with QuickBooks Online to create a seamless bill pay process. To learn more about the integration, click here. Don’t see your accounting software and want us to support it? Please let us know here.

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