Combat check fraud before it happens with Positive Pay.

With Checkrun’s Positive Pay Service, it’s never been easier to protect your company from payment fraud and make sure your checks never fall into the wrong hands.

positive pay with checkrun


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Positive Pay with Checkrun

How it works

Why Checkrun PP?

100% fraud detection



What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a widely-used fraud detection tool that can help protect your business from unauthorized checks and fraud. It allows banks to detect altered and counterfeit checks before they are cashed. The system acts as a form of insurance for a business against fraud, losses, and other liabilities. Positive Pay is offered by most banks and ensures your money and your payments are protected.

Banks use Positive Pay to match the checks a company issues against those that are presented for payment. It does so by verifying the check number, account number, and dollar amount of each new check against your check issue file provided to the bank. In many cases it also matches the Payee name as well. If the check details do not match, it is sent back to the issuer for review and verification.

Checkrun offers an extensive library of Positive Pay formats that work with almost any bank in North America. We support two types of bank formats: Positive Pay File Conversion and Payee Positive Pay Compatible. Choose one or both, based on your bank’s requirements.

positive pay with Checkrun

Key takeaways

Why Positive Pay?

Check Verification

Every check presented for payment is verified against your positive pay data file provided to the bank. This includes checks presented at the teller line and those processed at the bank office. Positive Pay will prevent payment of duplicate checks and protect against lost, stolen or altered checks as well.

Fraud Control

Positive Pay dramatically reduces the chance of you becoming a victim of check fraud – putting you one step ahead of the criminals.

The Decision Is Always Yours

You always have the final call with Positive Pay. Questionable payments are flagged by your bank before the funds are drawn from your account. Your business can always decide whether to accept the check or not.

Positive pay with checkrun

Checkrun’s fraud prevention services

Checkrun’s Positive Pay Service helps prevent check fraud and strengthens internal controls by making it easy to generate and export positive pay files that are formatted to your bank’s specifications. It comes pre-configured with over 200+ bank positive pay formats and can support QuickBooks Pre-prints, Blank Check Stock, and our Print and Mail Service.

Checkrun is the leading check management application, integrating services for Positive Pay and offers other levels of security for your protection:

  • Data encryption
  • Workflow approval process
  • Warning notifications
  • User permissions
  • Event logs
  • Secure audit trails

How it works

The Checkrun Solution: Positive Pay

As soon as you print your checks within Checkrun, all of the check data – from QuickBooks Online – is captured. Checkrun instantly converts the data into your bank’s positive pay specification. You can easily export the files from Checkrun for transmission or upload them to your bank.

The positive pay files include all of the pertinent details that the bank will use to protect your business from fraudulent activity and the risk of financial loss.

Positive Pay File Conversion

As you issue checks, Checkrun converts them from a wide array of possible export formats into a single, positive pay format required by your bank.

Payee Positive Pay Compatible

If your bank supports Payee Positive Pay, Checkrun can also generate positive pay files with the payee name for verification. The file includes a record of the date, amount, check number, account number, and payee name.

Why Checkrun Positive Pay (PP)?

Eliminate the hassle of Positive Pay file creation

If you are implementing Positive Pay because of a recent fraud occurrence or because you are at higher risk of check fraud, Checkrun solves your problem by creating positive pay files as you print your checks.

Whether you are using QuickBooks Pre-prints, Blank Check Stock or our Print and Mail service, a positive pay file can easily be generated within Checkrun and formatted to your bank’s positive pay specification.

The combination of our TruPrint blank check stock and Checkrun’s Positive Pay Service adds over 20 advanced security features to your checks including: seQR code, security fonts, microprint and more.

Positive Pay with Checkrun protects you against check fraud and the hassles of positive pay file creation.

Simplify Positive Pay set up with your bank

Easily print checks - then download the positive pay file for your bank

Utilize over 200+ bank positive formats

QuickBooks preprints and blank check stock supported

Easy-to-use payment platform - never be locked into one payment type

100% Fraud detection

Prevent check fraud with Positive Pay

Positive Pay is the bank’s best defense to help prevent check fraud by examining every check presented for payment. Positive Pay compares and verifies the checks your business issues to the checks presented for payment against your account. The bank will notify you of any discrepancies.

When used together with high-security check stock, Positive Pay can dramatically reduce your businesses’ risk of fraudulent activity and payment fraud.

Positive Pay enables your business to stay one step ahead of criminals and protect your cash flow. Implementing strategies today to ensure protection in the future means less room for error. While every instance of fraud cannot be prevented, Positive Pay can dramatically minimize your risk and keep your finances safe.

Our ongoing commitment to advances in technology means you can count on us to secure your financial information. Learn more about our business services to manage your accounts payable, make secure payments, and grow your business.


Keep your finances secure

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