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Check printing made easy

The easiest, fastest, and most secure way to pay your business payments. Send professional checks to your payees with a single click and we’ll print and mail them for you. Or, print checks at your office, when and how you want.

Sync Every Detail

Checkrun has real-time sync with your QuickBooks Online account. Every payment approved, signed, and printed in Checkrun will be reflected in your QuickBooks Online platform.

Payment Approvals On-The-Go

The Checkrun App is a fan favorite among users. It’s a guaranteed way to ensure payments are approved and signed on time from anywhere, at anytime.

Safe And Secure Check Printing

Print checks locally or print from your office. Choose from multiple check layouts (pre-prints and blank checks) and designs or use our print and mail service where we handle it for you.


Print business checks in minutes

Checkrun’s multiple check layouts are easy-to-use, empowering you to create secure, branded, professional-looking checks for your business.

  • Print a smart & secure check
  • Personalize your company check with your logo
  • Use preprint or blank stock
  • Multiple layouts supported
  • Positive pay included
  • Save time and money
  • Convenient & flexible

Personalize your checks how you want

Whether it’s QuickBooks pre-prints or blank check stock, we deliver the safest and most secure check. Checkrun accommodates multiple print layouts, colors, and logos so you can customize your checks to suit your needs.

Business Checks - Bottom Check
Bottom Check with remittance and copy
Business Checks - Middle Check

Middle Check with remittance and copy

Business Checks - Top Check

Top Check with remittance and copy

Print and mail service

Let us handle the work for you

Approve and sign checks through Checkrun, choose the Print + Mail option, and we’ll take care of the rest for just $1.50/check.

  • Same-day print and mail service
  • Easily print top, middle or bottom checks
  • Customize your check with company logos
  • Electronically sign every check
Print and mail

Blank check stock

Protect against fraud & risk

​To implement a check fraud prevention plan, check stock must contain a combination of both visable/concealed and paper/ink-based security features. Our TruPrint blank check stock provides protection from duplication and alteration.

The automatic print and mail feature has been my favorite so far.

All I have to do is approve a check and Checkrun takes care of the rest. They are automatically printed and mailed so I don’t have to leave my home during this crisis.”

– Current Checkrun customer, 2020

Advanced Security Added:
The smartest & safest check

No more stressing about check fraud and risk. We’ve added industry-leading advanced security features to our TruPrint Blank Check Stock that guard against fraud and liability.


TruPrint Blank Check Stock

Checkrun’s TruPrint blank check stock means no longer having to carry the risks of storing pre-printed checks. With over 15 built-in security features, you can customize and choose from multiple print layouts, colors, and logos.

Payee Positive Pay

Checkrun is the only check management application to provide Positive Pay file creation which when sent to a bank enables a powerful fraud prevention system offered by the nation’s leading commercial banks.


Fraud Prevention Features

Protect yourself and your business payments from risk with extra security for your checks including, secQR code, security fonts, microprint and more.

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