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Same-day check printing and mailing service

Trustworthy online check printing and check mailing service from start to finish. Approve and sign payments with Checkrun and we print and mail them – on high security check stock – so you don’t have to.

Check mailing service from Checkrun


A better way to pay by check starts here.

Our Print and Mail Service gives you the ability to print and mail checks online – from anywhere, at any time. Print and Mail saves you money compared to doing the same tasks in house and speeds payables with same-day check printing. You can approve and sign payments in the platform and indicate which should be processed and delivered via mail by us.

Easily manage accounts payable

Easily manage AP

With Checkrun, all of your payment data and internal approval processes are brought together in one seamless platform and can be accessed from anywhere.

Drive down costs with Checkrun

Drive down costs

Eliminate the need to purchase check stock, envelopes and postage, and lower administrative expenses. One click in Checkrun and we’ll print and mail secure paper checks for you.

Guard against check fraud

Guard against check fraud

All checks are printed on our TruPrint high-security blank check stock, featuring the latest in security technology to protect against fraud, stop theft, prevent bounced checks, and more.

Same-day check printing and mailing

Same-day turnaround

Payments that are approved in Checkrun and are ready for printing before 11am PST will be printed and issued the same business day.

Why Checkrun Print and mail (pam)?

Paying by check is easier, faster & more secure with Print and Mail

Handle check payments seamlessly and carry out your payments with ease and speed. Fast check processing times and complete flexibility to approve and send out checks at anytime, from anywhere – without the hassle of manual processes.

Enjoy faster check payments because mobile check approvals, signature capturing, and separation of controls and workflows are built into the platform.

All Print and Mail checks are printed with branded Z-fold checks on our TruPrint high-security blank check stock to prevent fraud and risk.

Make easy payments, whether its 10 or 100 checks, all payments are drawn directly from your bank account; no need to pre-approve or pre-fund.

Key benefits

Eliminate check fraud. Speed payments. Reduce costs.

Reduce risks from check theft, make payments faster, and eliminate payment processing bottlenecks and costs. Say hello to efficiency and flexibility with Checkrun Print and Mail.

Check requests received before 11am PST are printed and mailed the same day.

For maximum security, checks are printed on Z-fold Pressure Sealed stock.

We print, stuff, lick, stamp and mail your business checks, for you – including postage, check stock, envelopes and everything else.

Reduce risks from check theft and exposing your bank information on checks you send.

online check writer

How it works

You approve. We Print and Mail.

Approve, sign, and send payments quickly and easily with Checkrun. You’ll make business checks at half the cost, and in a fraction of the time it currently takes to pay by using traditional, manual processes.

Step 1: Approve

The payer reviews, approves and signs the payment ready for printing in Checkrun or via the Checkrun Mobile Approval App. 

Step 2: Print

The payment is printed on high security check stock and mailed the same day by Checkrun.

Step 3: Mail

The payee receives their check payment. A copy of the printed check is available in Checkrun and QuickBooks Online to ensure remittance.

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Security & protection

Reduce risks and keep your payments secure

When it comes to your business check printing, you want a trusted, secure and reliable solution. That’s why every payment processed through Checkrun has the backing of multiple fraud-fighting technologies built-in with multi-layer safety and security.

Built-in Protection

In order to prevent fraud and enhance payments, with high-end technology and security features, our software makes sure that your checks are printed, enveloped, mailed, and delivered with utmost care on our TruPrint High-Security Blank Check Stock.


Positive Pay Services

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection designed around coordinating with the issuing bank. Checkrun makes it easy to convert your check data into files that match your bank’s specifications. We offer the largest positive pay library and use .csv files to create universal formats that are bank specific. Learn more.

MICR Technology

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing information in the banking network.

Frequently asked questions


Get the answers to your Print and Mail questions. Still need help? Feel free to reach out to us via email, chat, or phone. In the meantime,  please view our helpdesk.

How does same-day check printing and mailing work?

Print and mail checks are processed at 11 a.m. PST/PDT.

Can I cancel checks before the scheduled print and mail time?

Yes, we process checks Monday – Friday (except bank holidays) at 11 a.m. PST/PDT. Checks scheduled for Print and Mail can be canceled any time prior to the printing time cut off through the Checkrun Cloud application. Simply go into the Print & Mail queue and select the payments/jobs you would like to cancel. You can do this anytime before 10:59 a.m. PST/PDT Monday – Friday.

Is there a limit of the number of checks printed and mailed?

There is no limit for the amount of checks printed and mailed through the PAM service.

Is the print and mail service available with all Checkrun memberships?

Print and Mail services are available for all Checkrun customers. Our Checkrun monthly and annual memberships can utilize print and mail for a discounted rate of $1.50/check. Flex memberships can utilize print and mail for an additional fee of $2.00/check.

Are the checks secure?

We take great strides to ensure we process, print and mail your checks in the most secure way possible. Checks are printed at a secure location and are dropped off inside the post office daily. We use z-fold check stock with tamper-proof seals and over 15 security features built into the check stock. Checkrun supports Positive Pay, the bank’s fraud prevention solution making is easy to project your money

What is MICR toner?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR toner is recommended to use when printing checks and it allows banks and financial institutions a way to electronically process the checks using a MICR Check Reader.

How long does it take to set up?

Set-up of Checkrun is easy and only takes a few minutes. Checkrun offers online support, knowledge base articles, checklists and a friendly support staff that is always ready to help you and your clients succeed.

Can I cancel a check after the cut-off time?

We will make every attempt to pull a check back from processing if we can catch it before it is dropped off at the post office. There is a $15 fee per check canceled after the cut-off time.