Streamline your company's payables process

Payment Automation for Businesses

A safer, faster, and more secure way to pay all of your vendors and contractors the way they want. Checkrun offers businesses a flexible online bill pay service–so you can improve your cash flow.

Manage payables with ease, from anywhere
Approve and process payments 2x faster
Mitigate risk of payment errors and fraud
Lower costs and enable your team to deliver

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"This software was the critical tool that allowed me to make check payments when geographically separated from the company's bookkeeper. This tool provided all the necessary resources to effectively manage this part of the business."

Clinton R.

Real Estate Management

"We all work remotely and Checkrun has a mobile app so we can approve and sign payments right from the app. The signature shows up on the check and the app keeps track of all workflow steps so we never miss a payment. They also have a print and mail service or you can print checks out yourself. It is a nice app that works for us."

Kimberly G.

Education Management

“I’m a bookkeeper and I manage several clients. Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations. Setup was fast and easy."

Bill F.

Freelance Bookkeeper

Why choose Checkrun?

Take control of your back office with time-saving automation, online check printing, and remote access. Improve cash flow, pay bills faster, and get more done — all with Checkrun.

Make faster, smarter payments from anywhere.


Be confident in your approval process.

Mitigate risk of payment errors or fraud.

Keep all bills, payments and vendors in sync.

Powerful bill pay solutions built for your team. 

Checkrun simplifies business payments and streamlines accounts payable so you can focus on more important things.



Focus on your strategic role and simplify your AP process.


Eliminate mundane tasks and scale as your clients’ needs grow.


Lower operational costs and enable your team to deliver on targets.

ACH and direct bill pay coming to Checkrun

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