AP Technology Terms and Conditions Relating to Checkrun Use

Checkrun Monthly / Annual Memberships

  • Checkrun Monthly and Annual Memberships (Checkrun) are limited to one company and one connection to QuickBooks Online. Memberships cannot be changed, transferred and/or connected to a different QuickBooks company once the membership is created.
  • Checkrun is designed for small business use. The system is optimized for processing runs of up to 1 – 50 checks per batch. AP Technology makes no check processing performance assurances for volumes exceeding this amount. Usage that exceeds more than 1,500 checks per month may result in additional usage fees.
  • Users per Monthly/Annual memberships limited to 10.
  • Positive Pay format library use is limited to five (5) formats per bank membership. The Positive Pay library formats are proprietary and confidential to AP Technology and cannot be reverse engineered, copied or used outside of Checkrun.
  •  Bank accounts associated per membership limited to 10.

Intended Use: Checkrun is solely for use by the individual or company licensing the product (Checkrun “membership”). The product may not be repurposed for use and/or sale to additional companies without the expressed written consent of AP Technology that may include but is not limited to an AP Technology Reseller Agreement.

Checkrun Flex Memberships

  • Checkrun Flex Memberships (Flex) are limited to one company and one connection to QuickBooks Online. Memberships cannot be changed and connected to a different QuickBooks company once the membership is created.
  • Checkrun Flex is designed for small to mid-sized businesses looking to process anywhere from 2 to 200 print and mail checks per month. Any Flex membership with PAM usage exceeding 200 checks per month will need to upgrade to a higher level package.
  • Checkrun Flex is designed for small businesses looking to process checks through our same-day print and mail service. Additional fees apply for print and mail services and will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • Flex members agree to pay the monthly subscription fee. Promotional pricing of $9.95 per month applies for the first six months of the membership then increases to $14.95 per month for each month thereafter.
  • All Flex checks are processed through our same-day Print and Mail service at the rate of $2.00 per check. No local printing is supported in a Flex membership. See Business Monthly and Annual subscriptions for Local Printing support.
  • Users per Flex memberships limited to 4. Additional users can be added for $5 per user per month.
  • Positive Pay is not supported in this membership type.
  • Bank accounts associated per our Flex membership limited to 5.

Intended Use: Checkrun is solely for use by the individual or company licensing the product (Checkrun “membership”). The product may not be repurposed for use and/or sale to additional companies without the expressed written consent of AP Technology that may include but is not limited to an AP Technology Reseller Agreement.

Checkrun 15-Day Risk Free Trial

Checkrun offers a free 15 day trial at the start of all Checkrun memberships. Credit card numbers are collected at the time you sign up but we do not charge the credit card until your membership moves out of the trial and into a paid membership. During the trial, you will experience a streamlined version of Checkrun.

In our Monthly and Annual memberships, you can print valid checks using pre-printed check stock or you can experience local printing on blank check stock and our print and mail service. While in trial, a non-negotiable watermark is applied to the check.
Try out our Print and Mail service with up to three (3) PAM checks in Flex and up to five (5) PAM checks in Checkrun Monthly or Annual plans. PAM checks in trial mode are non-negotiable and will be sent to the membership address on file while in trial mode.
If you would like to end your trial and move into your paid membership, you can end your trial early by going to memberships on the left nav, Click on the Advanced tab, and under Start Subscription Now, click the Start Subscription button. Once you complete this step, the credit card you provided with your membership will be charged and you will have full access to an unlocked version of Checkrun.

Canceling your Checkrun Subscription

You can cancel your Checkrun subscription prior to your next scheduled payment by going into app.checkrun.com, on the left nav, select Membership, then membership in the drop down, then click on the advanced tab and Permanently Delete Membership – click on the Delete Button, Type in DELETE and confirm. Checkrun user roles to complete this membership cancellation must be performed by the membership Super User. If you would like to cancel your subscription while you are still in trial, please go into our Billing portal and remove the credit card on file. You can continue using Checkrun for the remainder of our trial.

Upgrading your Checkrun Membership

Checkrun allows users to upgrade their membership from a Checkrun Flex Membership to a Checkrun monthly or annual membership or from a Checkrun Monthly membership to a Checkrun Annual membership. Checkrun does not allow Checkrun users to downgrade membership. Annual memberships cannot downgrade to a Monthly or Flex membership and Monthly memberships cannot downgrade into a Checkrun Flex Membership. Changes to your membership can be made within the Checkrun Cloud application on the Membership tab.

Credit Card on File

AP Technology partners with Stripe for payment processing of Credit Cards for fees associated with Checkrun. AP Technology does not store any credit card payment data on our servers. To update your credit card on file or add a different card for Print and Mail charges go into Membership, then membership tab and Billing Portal and click Manage Billing Button. On the Billing Screen, you can add a new credit card or update your card on file.

Stripe Credit Card Security – Encryption of sensitive data and communication

All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers are daemons can obtain plaintext card numbers but can request that cards are sent to a service provider on a static allow list. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate hosting environment, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services (API, website, etc.)

Changes to Your Account

Checkrun memberships use the Business name from your QuickBooks Online membership. You can make changes to your business name in QBO and sync changes with Checkrun to update your business name (as it will appear on your checks). Any advanced changes to your Checkrun membership may require a work order with starting rates at $100/hr. No changes that incur charges will be made without written permission from the main super user for that account.

Checkrun Support

Checkrun offers email, online chat, and limited phone support as well as a self service knowledge base with useful articles on the Checkrun features. Support hours are: Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST/PDT. Our online knowledge base articles can be found through our chatbot on app.checkrun.com the checkrun.com or at https://help.checkrun.com/en/.

Print and Mail Service Agreement (PAM)

Checkrun’s Print and Mail Service (PAM), operated by AP Technology and is an opt-in print and mail service for checks offered exclusively for AP Technology’s cloud-based software, Checkrun users. PAM allows Checkrun application users to select the hassle-free option of same or next day mailing, saving time, money and added convenience.

Checkrun users can set Auto PAM as the default setting so all approved checks will be processed same-day or next business day if submitted after the 11 a.m. PST/PDT daily cut off. Payments submitted after 11 a.m. will be processed on the next business day.
Print and Mail jobs are processed Mondays through Fridays, starting at 11 a.m. PST/PDT from our West Coast location. Print and Mail rates for Monthly and Annual Checkrun memberships start at $1.50/check and $2/check for Checkrun Flex Memberships. All Checkrun Print and Mail services include: TruPrint High Security TruPrint Z-fold Check stock, MICR Toner, check processing at a secure location and First Class USPS postage.

Print Processing

We process print and mail checks Mondays through Fridays, except for holidays observed by the Federal Reserve.

Print and Mail will be processed as follows:

Print and Mail checks submitted by 11 a.m. PST/PDT will be printed that same business day. Checkrun users can cancel an approved Print and Mail job from the moment the check is approved up until 10:59 a.m. To cancel a job, go to: app.Checkrun.com/Payments, under the PRINT AND MAIL PROCESSING Tab you will see all the payments queued for processing at 11 a.m. Select the checks you would like to cancel and hit the ‘cancel job’ button.

Canceling Jobs After Daily Cut-Off

Once approved checks have been submitted for Print and Mail we cannot guarantee we can pull a check out from the check run but we will make every effort to accommodate any requests to pull a check out from processing up until the time we drop off checks at the local post office and place them in the mail. Please contact our customer support team through our online chat or 833.242.5786. A $15 cancelation fee per job applies.

Valid Address Required for Print and Mail Checks

Print and Mail requires a valid vendor mailing address in order to be processed through Checkrun’s PAM Services.
Every Print and Mail check must include:

  1. Vendor/Payee Name, Street Number, Street Name, City, State, Zip. All addresses must be updated in QuickBooks Online and resynced with Checkrun.
  2. AP Technology is not responsible for incomplete or inaccurate address information.
  3. Print and Mail can send checks to payee in the United States.

*If a check has already been imported to Checkrun before making an address change, you will need to reimport that check payment in order to reflect the updated address. A new payment approval will be required.

Assigning on Check Numbers

Check numbers will be assigned at the time of printing. Checkrun does not reserve check numbers for Print and Mail checks prior to check processing and printing.

NEW! Global Auto Print and Mail

Checkrun features a new setting – Auto Pam that saves time and adds convenience by sending approved checks straight to the Print and Mail queue for processing on our next check run. This setting is a preference you can control within the Preferences tab on our Membership page of the Checkrun Cloud App.

NEW! Overridding Auto Print and Mail by Account

Checkrun allows you to either schedule when you send your approved checks in for PAM processing or use our Global Auto PAM setting where we send approved checks to be processed in our next check run. You can override this setting within the bank account screen (super user access only) to allow Local printing or giving your AP team greater flexibility on when checks are sent to PAM for processing. In the Bank Account Screen, slide the toggle switch to Override Global PAM.

You can then enable or disable PAM printing from this account screen.

Checkrun Security Features for Print and Mail

AP Technology processes Print and Mail Checks in house in addition to partnering with third party printing suppliers which meet our strict security requirements with regular third-party audits and industry standard certifications to ensure their processes and technologies meet the strictest security standards.

Use of Checkrun’s Print and Mail Service is optional for Checkrun users and carries an additional transactional charge that by accepting this agreement, you are agreeing to pay for the charges incurred.

Each check printed and mailed through Checkrun’s PAM uses TruPrint’s Z-Fold Pressure Sealed High Security check stock featuring:

  • Toner grip – a unique surface treatment applied during the manufacturing process, yields greater adhesion of MICR Toner on the surface of the document. By fusing toner to paper fibers, any alteration attempts become clearly detectable.
  • Void pantograph – background designed on screens that expose a hidden VOID pattern when scanned or copied.
  • Fluorescent fibers – invisible unless exposed under ultraviolet (black) light where fibers appear as bright glowing yellow threads. Copiers cannot reproduce.
  • Microprinting – miniature print that appears as a screened line or border. Verified with magnifying glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable.
  • Warning borders – a notice or warning designed to advise document handlers and potential fraud artists of specific overt and covert safeguards present. Printed in reverse type on face of document.
  • Watermark – pattern printed in opaque ink on back of document. Visible when viewed at an angle. Copier and/or scanner resistant.
  • Thermochromic Ink – a key appears in red heat-sensitive ink in a circle on the front of the check stock. When rubbed or exposed to heat it will disappear; therefore it cannot be photocopied.
  • Control numbers – each piece of check stock has a unique number printed in red on the back of the check. Therefore, check stock can be easily inventoried and monitored.
  • Black and blue dye – dyes react to a variety of chemical solvents used to remove information from documents. Black or blue stain clearly visible upon placement of alteration solvents.

Checkrun Software Security Features

Checkrun software security features for PAM service include:

  • Secure QR code – Security scan QR to ensure check details match
  • Security Font applied to front of check
  • Microprint preventing check forgery
  • Security Field displaying check amount
  • Positive Pay – the bank’s most trusted solution for preventing check fraud
  • Restrictive Legend (Void after 30 to 180 days depending on client determination)
  • Option for Multi-approval, up to two (2) signature positions on checks
  • Apply static signature or digital signature via the Checkrun Mobile Approval or Cloud App

Print and Mail Fees

Use of Checkrun’s Print and Mail services are supplemental, and transactional fees are not included in your Checkrun Flex, Monthly or Annual subscription fees.

Companies opting into our PAM services through a monthly or annual subscription will be charged $1.50 per check. This includes processing, printing, sealing, addressing and mailing checks through USPS First Class Mail.

Companies using Checkrun Flex subscription print and mail services will be charged $2.00 per check and includes processing, printing, sealing, addressing and mailing checks through USPS First Class Mail.

USPS postal rates are subject to periodic increases. AP Technology reserves the right to revise our Print and Mail fees with proper notice to clients. AP Technology will provide customers a minimum 30 day-notice prior to adjusting rates. By accepting this agreement, continuing to use PAM Services, you are agreeing to pay our published Print and Mail rates.

Payments for Print and Mail Usage

We will charge your credit card on file weekly (the credit card used to establish your membership if another one is not provided) for all Print and Mail charges incurred. You can set up a different credit card to your account for your Print and Mail charges go to app.checkrun.com, Membership then Manage Billing. Please call our Checkrun sales and support team at 833.242.5786 with any questions. Checkrun will provide you with a receipt for your print and mail charges at the end of each week upon request.

Checkrun Privacy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Checkrun’s Print and Mail Privacy Policy is our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and governs the use of information collected from you or provided by you while using our Checkrun Application and services. Please review our Checkrun Terms of Use to understand our policies.