Coming Soon: Bill Pay & ACH payment capabilities.

Say hello to a whole new bill pay experience in Checkrun

You asked, so we delivered. Checkrun is offering new Bill Pay and ACH payment capabilities to make business payments more flexible and convenient. 

A bill pay platform designed for you and your clients
Approve and process payments 2x faster
Mitigate check fraud and errors
Lower costs and enable your team to deliver

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Say hello to ACH Payments!

Our new ACH and Bill Pay capabilities provide you and your vendors a modern approach to electronic payments with complete Remittance Advice for every payment made. It really is the best of both worlds – the complete remittance advice you get paying by check with all the convenience and simplicity gained by using ACH.

How do I participate?

As a member of the Checkrun Beta ACH and Bill Pay Program, you’ll you’ll now be able to make faster, more secure business payments by ACH. For all companies accepted into our Beta Program, we will compensate you for your assistance with a 4 month subscription credit applied to your membership. The credit can be used for ACH Transaction fees, Print and Mail fees, and monthly subscription fees so sign up asap if you’re interested.

Frequently asked questions

Have additional questions about the Checkrun Beta ACH and Bill Pay Program?

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Why pay with ACH?

More and more businesses are switching to ACH payments because they are faster and easier to handle compared to paying by check or credit card. 

Make faster payments.

Average ACH processing time is 2–7 days, from initiation to delivery. This gives businesses more flexibility and control over cash flows.

Get peace of mind.

You will reduce the risk of check fraud and keep your banking information safe by paying with digital payments. ACH is secure, reliable, and always includes remittance data.

Drive down costs.

Credit card fees to accept payments and check processing fees tend to be high. It costs a lot less to make a payment by ACH transfer.

New payment capabilities make business payments more flexible and convenient.

Move towards a modern approach to ACH payments with Checkrun.

Our all-in-one bill pay platform helps you pay your vendors, simplify accounts payable, and makes it easier for vendors to reconcile their accounts receivable. Checkrun is the most efficient way for businesses and accounting firms to manage expenses, quickly pay vendors, and reduce potential fraud.

Zero integration: Your vendor doesn't need to sign up to receive payments
Sync with QuickBooks Online: All relevant information is automatically synced with Checkrun, simplifying your bill pay
Ensure remittance: all of the remittance data needed to reconcile the payment can be sent electronically to your vendors
Made for businesses: Powerful payment capabilities with easy-to-use dashboard designed to cut bill pay by 50%

Get powerful solutions built for your team.

For businesses and business owners, it’s a secure, cloud-based platform for managing, approving and paying all business bills in one place.

For accountants and bookkeepers, it’s a modernized payment platform that reduces costs, simplifies internal processes and increases client satisfaction.

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"This software was the critical tool that allowed me to make check payments when geographically separated from the company's bookkeeper. This tool provided all the necessary resources to effectively manage this part of the business."

Clinton R.

Real Estate Management

"We all work remotely and Checkrun has a mobile app so we can approve and sign payments right from the app. The signature shows up on the check and the app keeps track of all workflow steps so we never miss a payment. They also have a print and mail service or you can print checks out yourself. It is a nice app that works for us."

Kimberly G.

Education Management

“I’m a bookkeeper and I manage several clients. Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations. Setup was fast and easy."

Bill F.

Freelance Bookkeeper

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need help? Feel free to reach out to us via email, chat, or phone. In the meantime, please view our help desk.

How long does it take to fund, process and pay via ACH?

Checkrun processes ACH payments within 5 business days. All status updates and error handling is done within Checkrun so you can stay on top of every payment.

What is the cost of an ACH Transmission?

Checkrun charges the nominal fee of $.50 per ACH transaction. Your vendor will receive an email or push notification (if mobile phone number is provided) with a link to the Remittance Portal where they can access the details on the payment.

Do I need to have a special membership type to process ACH payments?

Checkrun offers ACH payment types in our Checkrun Monthly and Checkrun Annual Memberships. Electronic Payments are not supported in our Checkrun FLEX membership.

How many bank accounts can I set up with ACH Payments?

Checkrun doesn’t limit the number of bank accounts that can be used to create payments, however with ACH the limit is one bank account.

What are the daily limits for ACH payments?

The daily limits to pay via ACH are:

  • Number of payments: unlimited
  • Daily batch limit: $50,000
  • Single payment limit: $25,000

How do I provide remittance advice to my vendors being paid by ACH?

Checkrun introduces a new Bill Remittance Portal (Payee Portal) for vendors/payees to gain access to the remittance advice for the ACH Payment. If you have included an email address in the vendor record, we will use that to send one email, with link, to the Payee Portal and a second email with a unique pin code. Remittance Advices can be sent from the Archive Payment Queue and will be automatically sent back to QuickBooks Online.