General Contractor Maintains Client Relationships With Remote Payment Solutions


Meet Mark: A Licensed General Contractor

Mark’s mornings rarely start at a desk in an office. As a licensed general contractor and founder of Stone Builders Group, he spends his days on location overseeing various projects.

Goals & Values

Find a cost-effective accounts payable solution

Ability to work remote with mobile approvals and signing

Maintain a professional and recognizable brand


Taking Checkrun Solutions to The Next Level


After working in this industry for so long, Mark’s relationships—from his clients to his vendors—are as essential as delivering quality results. Mark is seeking a software solution that makes it possible to approve checks, track invoices and work with the company accountant whether he’s in the office or on a project site, so he can complete payments quickly and keep his vendors happy.

  • Anywhere, anytime payment approvals with the Checkrun App, so checks can be signed digitally from his smartphone.
  • Same-day Print and Mail feature to pay vendors with minimal lag time.
  • Customizable check options that can include the company logo and create a unified brand.
Checkrun Mobile
Checkrun Mobile
Checkrun Mobile
Checkrun Mobile


What People Are Saying

I love CheckRun! Being able to print & mail checks from the app is so useful….especially in this climate. Not to mention their mobile app – makes approvals super easy. Would highly recommend!



Checkrun is great in bridging the gap between customer payments. It took a lot of stress out of running a small business. I am able to review invoices and attachments right from my quickbooks online account on my tablet. I can also view attached copies of the printed checks in both Checkrun and quickbooks.



This app is a game changer for my business. Really like that I can use it from my tablet and everything synced over easy. Most of all, I appreciate the great customer service – it’s nice to know they have me and my businesses’ back. Thumbs up!



I’m a bookkeeper and I manage several clients. Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations. Setup was fast and easy. I didn’t have to install anything and it connected right to my Quickbooks…

Bill Forrestor


I never knew working remote could be so easy. I was worried my business was going to crash due to the stay at home order, but Checkrun made it effortless. The automatic print and mail feature has been my favorite so far. All I have to do is approve a check and Checkrun takes care of the rest. They are automatically printed and mailed so I don’t have to leave my home during this crisis.



Wow, this app is exactly what i was looking. It allows me electronically approve checks in real time and apply a digital signature right from the comfort of my home. No need to go meet face to face with anyone during these tough times.


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