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Want an easier, more efficient way to pay business bills? Approve, sign, print & mail checks anywhere. Get started with Checkrun today.

Online check printing software with Checkrun

Checkrun helps you improve the entire check printing process

Checkrun’s online check writing software lets you print checks using your own check stock, pre-printed checks, or completely blank check stock. Easily make professional checks from your home or office and print the checks online instantly, anytime, from anywhere.

At the same time, you can automatically send checks by mail with our Print and Mail, check mailing service. Simply, approve and pay vendors how you want and Checkrun will mail a check on your behalf.

Our cloud-based check printing software is committed to making your business easier for you. Whether you need secure check printing services or a full service printing and mailing service, Checkrun will save you time, lower company expenses, and improve security for all your business checks.


Designed for businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants


All-in-one platform


Local check printing solution


Print & Mail service


Blank or pre-printed check format


Check fraud prevention


Remote checks & electronic signatures

print checks online with Checkrun

key features

All-in-one check printing software for businesses

Compatible checks

Print on existing check stock or pre-printed stock from your home or office. Or, use blank check stock increase savings and security.

Check mailing service

Submit any check payment to our check mailing service and we will print and mail the check payment for you. No more running to the post office last minute.

All-in-one platform

Manage multiple accounts with one login and customize the approval process to keep your books up-to-date and tighten your internal controls.


Integrate with QuickBooks Online accounting software to streamline your check printing process.

Advanced security features

We offer a wide selection of bank-level security, advanced check stock, and check fraud detection like Positive Pay.

Custom checks

Choose from multiple check styles and layouts, add logos, multiple signature lines and a secure QR that validates your check’s authenticity.

Print business checks online

Simplify your check printing process

Checkrun makes it easy to create, print, and mail physical checks or send checks in the mail without a traditional checkbook from the bank. Our secure platform includes powerful accounting and bookkeeping features, such as automated approvals, electronic signature capture, and check mailing services. We make it easy to print professional business checks from your home or office. 

  • Manage payments from unlimited bank accounts and print multiple checks instantly
  • Print checks on Intuit pre-printed bank checks or blank stock paper
  • Guard against check fraud with bank-level security, Positive Pay, and high-security check stock

Let Checkrun print and mail your checks for you

Automate the mailing of check payments to vendors with our same-day check mailing service. No need to buy and store stamps, check-stock or envelopes. Just select the checks you want Checkrun to print and mail for you and we’ll do the rest. You will save time and decrease the cost of check paper.

  • Stop wasting time at the post office, Checkrun prints and mails paper checks on your behalf, the same-day
  • Checks are printed (with MICR lines) on high-security blank check paper and includes a check preview before it is printed
  • Save 80% on the cost of pre-printed checks and printing supplies by switching to blank check stock paper
automate check printing and mailing

Discover the benefits of printing checks with Checkrun

Checkrun’s online check printing service helps you streamline the entire printing process, simplify approvals and pay client payments on time. From our robust check software to advanced security features and user management tools, Checkrun’s digital solution puts you in control wherever you are. 

Prevent check fraud

With features like Positive Pay, check fraud detection, and an audit trail on every bill, Checkrun helps to protect against tampering and fraudulent checks. 

Save check printing costs

Reduce the management, overhead, and resources spent printing and sending a paper check. Checkrun saves you up to 80% of printing costs and supplies.

Peace of mind

One login to manage all of your payments and bank account details. Print your business check like a champ and handle client payments with ease. 

Check printing  with qbo

Power your AP with QuickBooks Online integration

Checkrun is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, which means a quick and easy setup, and no duplicate checks or data entry—ever. Plus, you can easily send image copies of checks to your QuickBooks Online account for record-keeping.

  • Approve, pay, and sync payments and payment data directly with QuickBooks Online
  • Improve your workflow efficiency and gain total payment visibility and control from the Checkrun dashboard
  • Save 50% of time on accounts payable and eliminate double data entry errors and inefficiencies

Companies like yours print and mail business checks easier with Checkrun.

Don’t just take it from us.

5 star review

“This software was the critical tool that allowed me to make check payments when geographically separated from the company’s bookkeeper. This tool provided all the necessary resources to effectively manage this part of the business.”


Clinton R., Real Estate Management

5 star review

“We all work remotely and Checkrun has a mobile app so we can approve and sign payments right from the app. The signature shows up on the check and the app keeps track of all workflow steps so we never miss a payment. They also have a print and mail service or you can print checks out yourself. It is a nice app that works for us.”


Kimberly G., Education Management

5 star review

“I’m a bookkeeper and I manage several clients. Checkrun has been a huge timesaver for me. My clients can approve and sign payments remotely from their phones without me visiting their remote locations. Setup was fast and easy.”


Bill F., Construction

Convenient, remote check printing option 

The Checkrun Mobile Approval App makes it possible to print a check online, in minutes. Business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers can easily approve and sign checks with a digital wet-signature anytime, anywhere. No more tracking down approvers and no more rushing back to the office to sign and prints checks.

  • Secure email and push notifications instantly let you know when your review, authorization or signature is needed
  • Mitigate risk by eliminating the need for excess signers, signature images or signed blank checks
  • Manage all payments and bills online, schedule approvals in advance, and check printing status from anywhere
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