Security features

Pay with Checkrun. Stay Secure.

Our team works diligently to safeguard your Checkrun account and all of your payments with industry-leading security features, including bank-level security, built-in fraud prevention technologies, high-security blank check stock, and more.


Reduce Risk & Check Fraud When You Pay

Bank-level Security

All banking details added to Checkrun are securely connected and encrypted via our authentication partner, Plaid – to help protect against unauthorized access to your account.

Built-in Security Features

We’ve added advanced security features to eliminate risk and liability. Biometric verification, Mobile Capture of live signature, Positive Pay, secure QR codes, security fonts, microlines, and more.

Positive Pay Protection

Our software is designed to provide the easiest way to convert check issue files from QuickBooks Online into a bank’s positive pay format and is used by thousands of companies across the U.S.

Your Payments, Protected – Always

With features like Positive Pay, check fraud detection, and an audit trail on every bill, Checkrun is designed to keep you and your business safe.

Secure Cloud Platform

Create a seamless, paperless process with an automated workflow and unlimited, secure storage in the cloud. Easily access your accounts and all of your payments at any time –  from any device. Automatically access a record of all AP activity with a customizable audit trail that cannot be altered, including original bills, approvals, payments, and remittance details for each transaction.

Payee Positive Pay Formatting

Checkrun’s Positive Pay conversion software makes it easy to convert your check data into files that match your bank’s specifications. Checkrun comes preconfigured with over 200+ bank positive formats. As you print your checks – the positive pay information is captured and available to be downloaded in the required bank format for easy accessibility. Export files formatted in your banks required format for ease sending in issue records for your banks Positive Pay protection.

SeqQR Code Option

Custom encrypted QR code printed on the check, with your camera phone verify the check is unaltered (Payee name, Amount, Date and Check Number).

Custom Check Layouts

Customize your checks with your business logo, watermarks, and a secure QR that includes payment information to help protect against tampering and allows the payee to validate the check’s authenticity.

Fraud Protection

Checkrun’s Truprint™ blank check stock is embedded with security fonts, microlines, a secure QR code and myriad of built-in features that help prevent forgery, counterfeits and altered checks.

A Check Payment Solution You Can Trust

100% Trustworthy and Reliable

America’s largest banks and businesses trust AP Technology with million-dollar transactions, so you can rely on CheckRun to provide this same trusted, multi-layered security for your business.


Your #1 Guard Against Fraud

Positive pay and 15+ advanced check security features are built directly into the payment flow to automatically detect and block fraudulent payments. Additional security features include: special security fonts, configurable user permissions and access, micro-font signature line, dual signatures on checks, and an expert support team.

Tools to Ensure Your Payments are Always Safe

When you make payments in Checkrun, your information is protected – every step of the way.

Two-factor authentication to keep every account secure

Built-in positive pay with over 200+ bank positive formats

Every vendor and payment comes with a built-in audit trail

Manage multiple accounts with one login - in one place

Customizable payment approval workflows and user roles

Blank check stock that includes 15+ security features

Secure mobile app for approvals and dynamic signature capture

Check validation with secure QR codes, microlines, etc.

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