Why Your Construction Company Should Modernize Check Payments

by | Feb 2, 2024

Checkrun and QuickBooks Online two-way sync for all payments.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your construction company is suffering from outdated check payment and printing processes.

Do your manual, paper-based payment systems take too long, cost too much and provide little to no cash flow visibility? If that sounds like your current check process, don’t worry. Secure check payment solutions can provide relief to your organization, saving you time and money while adding new layers of security to your payment processes that can safeguard your money and reputation. Streamlining workflows and automating tedious manual processes are only two of the ways you can modernize how your company processes checks.

So, why should your construction company modernize the check payment process?

Skylines are changing, and around every corner a new construction project is underway. Now more than ever, construction companies need to be more efficient, spend wisely and to allocate resources strategically to get jobs done. A secure online check printing and mailing solution is just one use of technology to benefit your construction company by improving speed, security, efficiency, and cost savings.

Automating check payments with a cloud-based and mobile-friendly technology solution such as Checkrun comes with several key benefits:

  • Improved visibility and control with custom workflow rules for routing and approving each transaction to the right team member
  • Anytime, anywhere access that lets you approve, sign, send, and view invoice attachments directly from the dashboard and from the Checkrun mobile app
  • Easy cash flow management with the ability to schedule check payment dates
  • Ability to attach and view invoices and supporting documentation in real-time informed approvals, your historical access and audit trails
  • Manage job costs, change orders and mail checks from the field as needed
  • Positive Pay and several built-in check security features proven to reduce check fraud and risk

A digital solution to traditional checks

In an industry that deals with an abundance of bills and payments, improving efficiency through streamlined and automated workflows is key. Let’s face it: Antiquated manual, paper-based payment processes can be frustrating. They take a long time, have confusing workflows, and provide little cash flow visibility. Moreover, the lack of face-to-face interactions and personnel working from home as by-products of the pandemic have made payment approval processes even more challenging.

Fortunately, Checkrun automates your check payment processes to make workflows more secure, easier, quicker, and more efficient. Checkrun’s capabilities help businesses lower costs, improve cash flow by scheduling payments for approval (with no pre-funding), avoiding duplicate payments, and implementing an automated mobile approval and payment process.

Check payment solutions from Checkrun make the approval and payment process a completely remote experience. It eliminates manual and error-prone processes like data entry while saving you time and cash crunches on payment delivery by eliminating pre-funding. Project managers in the field can use tablets or mobile devices to approve, sign and print check payments on the job site once completed. Checkrun’s Check Payment Solution seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online to help streamline your payment processes. It eases your payment pains.

Tired of doing the heavy-lifting?

Interested in automating your payables and creating efficiencies for your AP team? Schedule a quick demo with one of our Checkrun experts to learn how you can increase productivity and grow your business. In less than 30 minutes, our sales lead will walk you through the streamlined workflow of Checkrun’s accounts payable automation process.