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Stay one step ahead of fraud with TruPrint High-Security Checks

TruPrint is the industry leader in high-quality secure check stock and MICR Toner for businesses nationwide.

TruPrint Blank Check Stock

Try our TruPrint check stock that includes over 15 industry-leading security features that protect your business against fraud – all while saving you money.

15+ Industry-Leading Security Features

All blank laser checks feature preventative measures against check fraud, but our TruPrint High Security Check Stock takes protection to the next level. Security features include: microprint, heat-reactive ink, chemical wash detection, and more!

Check Sentry

Securely store your TruPrint products at our facility until you need them-at NO COST to you!

The best solution for checks

Making a switch from pre-printed checks to TruPrint blank checks can save your business money on internal processes and paper costs.

The Best in Business Check stock

Quality check stock

Advanced security

Easily customizable

When it comes to your business, making payments is important. Our purpose is to ensure you will always have the right way to pay, whether it’s checks, envelopes, or printing supplies. Stay conveniently restocked before you ever run out. Checkrun’s TruPrint Security Check Stock can be customized to fit your needs, making us one of the best places to order checks.

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Truprint blank checks
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Exceptional quality at low prices

Cut costs while increasing your check processing productivity with Checkrun. We provide check stock that is secure and 100% reliable. With Checkrun, you will free up time, inventory space, and expenses without the hassle of dealing with your bank.

Premier check stock you can trust.

Our TruPrint Blank Checks are the most secure checks available and trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide. TruPrint Blank Checks are specifically designed with multiple layers of defense and security to protect against fraud.

Check fraud prevention

To implement a check fraud prevention plan, check stock must contain a combination of both visible/concealed – a paper/ink-based security feature. This combination provides protection from duplication and alteration.

Increase efficiency

A high-security, laser check printing solution utilizing TruPrint blank check stock enables your business to print from multiple accounts onto the same stock and and improve bank processes.

Save time and money

Eliminate the costly pre-printed check stock saving your business up to 90% on the expenses associated with purchasing, storing, distributing and tracking pre-printed check stock.

Security, compliance and fraud protection.

Protect your checks and financial future. Our check security features are unmatched in the industry and help prevent criminals from gaining control of your personal financial holdings. Our high-quality security paper is Check 21 Compliant for image readiness.
high security blank check stock

Toner Grip

A unique surface treatment applied during the manufacturing process, yields greater adhesion of TruPrint MICR Toner on surface of document. By fusing toner to paper fibers, any alteration attempts become clearly detectable.


Void Pantograph

Background designed on screens that expose a hidden VOID pattern when scanned or copied.


Fluorescent Fibers

Invisible unless exposed under ultraviolet (black) light where fibers appear as bright glowing yellow threads. Copiers cannot reproduce.



Miniature print that appears as a screened line or border. Verified with magnifying glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable.


Warning Borders

A notice or warning designed to advise document handlers and potential fraud artists of specific overt and covert safeguards present. Printed in reverse type on face of document.


Padlock Icon

The Enhanced Security Features Padlock Icon is a small padlock symbol printed on the front and back of a check. It tells the customer that the security features on the check have been approved by the CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association).


Black and Blue Dye

Dyes react to a variety of chemical solvents used to remove information from documents. Black or blue stain clearly visible upon placement of alteration solvents.


Chemical Stain

Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter check.



A diamond shaped watermark can be seen only when held at a 45 degree angle and cannot be altered or reproduced.


Endorsement Backer

The verification grid appears on the original and disappears when photocopied.


Pigment-based Ink

Pigment-based ink printed areas will NOT wash away when chemical alteration attempts are made.


Thermochromic Ink

Red key disappears when subject to heat or touch (on back for Standard Plus).


Control Numbers

Each piece of check stock has a unique number printed in red on the back of the check. Therefore, check stock can be easily inventoried and monitored.


Laid Lines

Deters duplication. Screen does not reproduce when copied.


Non-Negotiable Phrase

Secures voucher from alteration.

TruPrint standard blank check stock offers:

  • Controlled moisture content tolerances to assist with proper MICR toner transfer. (TruPrint check stock reams are individually wrapped to ensure maximum performance and shelf life).
  • Designed surface roughness combined with MICR lock coating to provide maximum adhesion of MICR toner to check stock.
  • 24# long-grain construction to reduce check stock curl tendencies and prevent printer jams.
  • No check paper dust that can contaminate your printer’s rollers causing paper jams and premature drum failure.
  • 15 built-in security features for check fraud prevention.
Business Blank check stock

Get started with TruPrint Blank Checks

Contact us today for your TruPrint Blank Check Stock order and save $40 when you spend $300 or more. Don’t miss out – the Super Spring Sale ends on Monday May 31, 2021!