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Checkrun flex

Print and Mail Checks Online
A payment solution for every budget.

Checkrun Flex gives you the ability to print and mail checks without the hassle of manual processes and printing supplies. Experience the benefits and features of Checkrun at the most affordable price. No surprises, no pre-funding, no long-term contracts, and no cancellation fees.

Whether you process two checks a month or 200, Checkrun Flex streamlines every step at half the cost and in a fraction of the time. Best of all, we print and mail your checks for you.

Process business payments without breaking the bank.

Checkrun Flex increases both the flexibility and affordability of the Checkrun platform. Enjoy all the essential tools you need to pay your bills without the cost and time of traditional check processes and printing.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the need to purchase check stock, envelopes and postage, and lower administrative expenses.

same-day printing

Payments approved and ready in Checkrun before 11am PST will be printed and issued the same business day.

Safe and secure

Printed checks are printed on our TruPrint high-security blank check stock that is guarenteed to protect against check fraud.

Improve efficiencies

Easily manage accounts payable from anywhere, at any time. Plus, payment approvals & signing can be done remotely.

how it works

You approve. We print and mail.

With premium access to our Same-day Print and Mail Service, simply approve and sign payments and we print and mail them the same-day. It’s just like you mailed the checks yourself – without the hassle and supplies!


Approve and sign payments

Select, approve, and sign the payment(s) ready for printing in Checkrun.


Send payments

Checkrun prints and mails your payments to the receiver for you – on high security check stock.


Ensure remittance

A copy of the printed check image is available in Checkrun and Quickbooks Online for your historical access, added security, and audit trails.

Pay as you go

Functionality without the overhead.


Faster approvals, faster payments with check approvals and signature capturing via our mobile approval or cloud app


Easy payment management with built-in separation of controls and approval workflows


Reduce costs and eliminate the need to purchase check stock, stamps and envelopes - everything is included

Say goodbye to manual check processing costs and supplies, and scrambling to get payments authorized, signed, and sent. Checkrun Flex does it all for you! Customize approval workflows, connect your team, review, approve and sign your checks right from your mobile device.

For just $2.00/check printed and mailed through Checkrun Flex, you can realize savings on labor, check stock, postage and printer costs compared to doing it in-house.

Go flex

$9.95 Checkrun Membership

*As a part of our promotional pricing, you pay only $9.95 for the first 6 months and then $14.95 for each month thereafter.
Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service


Keep your business moving forward

Get The Flexibility You Want at the Price You Want

Checkrun flex