High-security check stock

Stay one step ahead of fraud with TruPrint High-Security Checks.

TruPrint High security business checks

Our TruPrint Security checks feature the latest technology to help prevent and detect attempted fraud. Our High Security check stock features industry-leading security features all designed with one goal in mind – helping to keep you, your business and your finances protected from fraud.

To prevent check fraud, risk, and the liability of storing costly pre-printed stock, TruPrint blank check stock contains a combination of both visible/concealed – a paper/ink-based security feature. This combination provides protection from duplication and alteration.


Over 15 built-in advanced security features to prevent check fraud, duplication, and altering


High-quality security paper is Check 21 Compliant for image readiness


Saves 85% compared to pre-printed check stock

Front of Check Security Features

tooltip text

V-Dot Technology


Toner Adhesion


Digital Void Pantograph


Security Warning Band Border


Padlock Icon


Fluorescent Fibers


Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon


Chemical Stain




Pigment-based Ink

1. V-Dot Technology

Cluster of yellow shapes in the upper left corner of the check. Triggers the anti-copy chip in most color printers. When the chip is activated, the copy becomes unusable.

2. Toner Adhesive

Prevents erasure and tampering with laser-printed data.

3. Digital Void Pantograph

The word “VOID” will appear when this document is photocopied, making it more difficult to alter.

4. Security Warning Band Border

The most popular security border available. Includes the padlock reflecting there are security features added to this document.

5. Padlock Icon

The Padlock is a universal symbol to assure banks and financial institutions that security features have been integrated into the check stock to prevent check fraud and alterations. A list of the features are listed on the back of the check.

6. Fluorescent Fibers

Fibers are added into the check stock that become visible under a black light. If fibers are not visible, there is a good chance the document is fraudulent.

7. Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon

Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon is displayed as a red key on the lower middle of the check front that, when subjected to heat or touch, will disappear.

8. Chemical Stain

Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter the check.

9. Microprinting

Microprinting is used in various areas of the check. When viewed with magnification, a word or phase appears on the check. The microprint will be displayed as a solid line when photocopied.

10. Pigment-based Ink

Pigment-based ink printed areas will NOT wash away when chemical alteration attempts are made.

Back of Check Security Features

tooltip text

Padlock Icon


True Watermark


Screened Check Back


Mobile Check Backer


Digital Verification Grid


Non-negotiable Phrase

11. Padlock Icon on back

The padlock on the back of the check stock displays the security features, both visible and concealed for banks and financial institutions to determine the efficacy of the check.

12. True Watermark

A diamond-shaped watermark can be seen only when the check stock is held at a 45 degree angle. It cannot be altered or reproduced.

13. Screened check back

Deters duplication. Screen does not reproduce when photocopied

14. Mobile check backer

Check the mobile checkbox on the backside of the check if you would like to deposit the check using your mobile device. Simply snap a photo of the check front and back and submit the check for deposit using your bank’s mobile banking app.

15. Digital Verification Grid

The verification grid appears on the original document, but disappears when photocopied.

16. Non-negotiable phrase

The non-negotiable phrase on the check back prevents alteration of the check.

TruPrint High-Security Check Stock

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