How to Print Secure Business Checks with Checkrun

by | Nov 4, 2021

Checkrun and QuickBooks Online two-way sync for all payments.

When it comes to your business check printing, you want a trusted, secure and reliable solution. And while the payment landscape ever evolving, businesses must do more to protect their financial data, information, and payments. Criminals are upping their game to take advantage of new opportunities, making fraud and liability top concerns.

Check fraud is an ever-increasing problem that affects every industry in the nation, costing United States banks, businesses, and individuals over $50 billion dollars a year. Through the use of computer technology and basic resourcefulness, criminals are finding it increasingly easy to reproduce and manipulate checks to defraud consumers and businesses.

While businesses may suffer financial loss from check fraud, businesses also face disruption of business operations. Imagine the hassle you’d go through to close accounts, issue stop payments, order new checks and reissue payments.

Luckily, Checkrun offers businesses local check printing options and a same-day Print and Mail Service that are trusted, secure and reliable. Every payment processed through Checkrun has multiple fraud-fighting technologies built-in, to provide multi-layer safety and security. Here’s how Checkrun can help you print a safer check:

Keep your circle of trust small and honest

Use custom workflows and role management authorizations in Checkrun to tighten and secure your internal controls. Mitigate additional risk by eliminating the need for excess signers, signature stamps or signed blank checks.

Checkrun allows you to add multiple users based on their specific roles. Users are provided specific workflow authorizations based upon the preferences you set. As an example, one user may be authorized to sign payments up to a $10,000 limit, while a second authorized signer may be required for payments over that amount.

payment approval workflows

Print payments on high-security blank check paper

Blank check stock enables you to print from multiple accounts onto the same secure stock, reducing the risk of storing costly pre-printed stock. Using Checkrun’s TruPrint blank check stock, you can quickly and easily print your checks from multiple accounts, with cutting-edge security features that keep your business protected, including: a secure QR code, security fonts, microprint and more.

Our TruPrint blank check stock eliminates the hassles and risks of storing pre-printed checks. With more than 15 built-in security features, you can customize and choose from multiple print layouts, colors, and logos.

Print checks locally or print from your office. And, it’s easy! Select the payments you want to approve on the Checkrun desktop application, or on the mobile approval app. Then, select the Print button. That’s it.

truprint blank check stock

Access the benefits of Positive Pay Services

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service offered by most banks designed to protect against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks; thereby reducing your risk of loss and responsibility for check fraud. Your bank will compare the check details such as amount, check number, and payee against the Positive Pay report you provide to your bank, giving you the power and control to stop potential check fraud in its tracks before it impacts you and your funds.

Checkrun features the world’s largest Positive Pay file library, making it easy to convert your check data into files that match your bank’s specifications. Easily Export the file and provide it to your bank for fraud protection, giving you added security and audit trails.

Checkrun prints and mails checks for you

Checkrun makes check payments as mobile as you are, just approve and sign the payment on our mobile app or cloud platform and we will print and mail them – on high security check stock – so you don’t have to. The same-day Print and Mail Service saves you time and money compared to doing the same tasks in-house. The same-day check printing also speeds your payables. This means, no more need to keep or purchase stamps, check-stock and envelopes. We print, stuff, seal, stamp and mail your business checks, for you!

Whether you need to print and mail 100 or 100,000 checks, we’re here to help. Print and Mail is an easy and convenient way to eliminate the labor and costs of check printing and mailing. You’ll make business payments at half the cost, and in a fraction of the time it currently takes to pay by check using traditional, manual processes. Here’s how it works:

  1. When the print and mail option is selected, checks that are approved, can be printed and mailed the same-business day.
  2. Simply select the payments that are ready to print and click on the Print and Mail button, then Submit. We handle the rest from there.
  3. A copy of the check image will be passed back to QuickBooks Online for historical access, added security and audit trails.

For maximum security, checks are printed on Z-folded Pressure Sealed check stock that includes the latest in check security technology. You get all the security features you need to protect your business against fraud and theft.

print and mail service