Tru800 Top Blue High Security Blank Laser Check – 2580B

Professional. Secure. Versatile.

11” TruPrint High Security Laser Check Stock was designed to precise specifications to defend from check fraud and forgeries without compromising on design. This dualtone reflex blue camo void design features a top check with perforations at 3 1/2˝ & 7˝. All TruPrint Check stock features ODT Technology built into the stock protecting your checks from unwanted alteration. Other security features include thermochromic ink, microprinting, inventory control numbers and more.

All TruPrint Blank Laser Check Stock in Camo Void is sold in boxes of 2,000.

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5+ 19.2 % $141.80
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Tru800 Top Blue High Security Blank Laser Check – 2580B

Product Description

This TruPrint Blank Check Stock has more than 15 security features designed to thwart check altering and forgeries. The latest security enhancements make this check difficult to alter and provide businesses with the flexibility to do accounts payable and payroll with one check. TruPrint High Security Checks are guaranteed to be compatible with QuickBooks Online and other accounting software programs!

TruPrint High Security Check Stock provides:

    • Compatibility. Works with all standard Laser and Inkjet printers.
    • Protection. Highly advanced security features that surpass bank recommendations.
    • Customization. Personalize with a logo, additional signature line, text above the signature, multiple color options, and more.
    • Savings. Save 60-85% per ream compared to pre-printed check stock.

Free Shipping and handling is included on all orders of TruPrint Check Stock placed from our online store. Shipments are sent via UPS ground within 2-3 business days of placing your order.

Blank laser check security features include thermochromic ink, microprinting, pigment-based ink, inventory control numbers, and more. Click here to see a list of all TruPrint High-Security Check security features.


Part Number:



8½” x 11″

Check Position:





Camo Void

Perforation Positions:

3 1/2″ & 7″

Paper Weight:

24-lb. Defensa


Microprint Warning Band with Padlock Icon


1. V-Dot Technology

Cluster of yellow shapes in the upper left corner of the check. Triggers the anti-copy chip in most color printers. When the chip is activated, the copy becomes unusable.

2. Toner Adhesive

Prevents erasure and tampering with laser-printed data.

3. Digital Void Pantograph

The word “VOID” will appear when this document is photocopied, making it more difficult to alter.

4. Security Warning Band Border

The most popular security border available. Includes the padlock reflecting there are security features added to this document.

5. Padlock Icon

The Padlock is a universal symbol to assure banks and financial institutions that security features have been integrated into the check stock to prevent check fraud and alterations. A list of the features are listed on the back of the check.

6. Fluorescent Fibers

Fibers are added into the check stock that become visible under a black light. If fibers are not visible, there is a good chance the document is fraudulent.

7. Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon

Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon is displayed as a red key on the lower middle of the check front that, when subjected to heat or touch, will disappear.

8. Chemical Stain

Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter the check.

tooltip text

V-Dot Technology


Toner Adhesion


Digital Void Pantograph


Security Warning Band Border


Padlock Icon


Fluorescent Fibers


Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon


Chemical Stain




Pigment-based Ink

tooltip text

Padlock Icon


True Watermark


Screened Check Back


Mobile Check Backer


Digital Verification Grid


Non-negotiable Phrase

Check 21 Compliance

​Check 21 allows financial institutions to truncate checks and convert them to images during the clearing process. AP Technology check stock meets ANSI standards for check imaging compliance. The key areas of interest on the check stock (Date, CAR – Convenience Amount Rectangle, Payee, Legal and Signature) have successfully passed RDM qualifier testing that requires defined print contrast levels and background print that will not interfere with handwritten or printed data.

9. Microprinting

Microprinting is used in various areas of the check. When viewed with magnification, a word or phase appears on the check. The microprint will be displayed as a solid line when photocopied.

10. Pigment-based Ink

Pigment-based ink printed areas will NOT wash away when chemical alteration attempts are made.

11. Padlock Icon on back

The padlock on the back of the check stock displays the security features, both visible and concealed for banks and financial institutions to determine the efficacy of the check.

12. True Watermark

A diamond-shaped watermark can be seen only when the check stock is held at a 45 degree angle. It cannot be altered or reproduced.

13. Screened check back

Deters duplication. Screen does not reproduce when photocopied

14. Mobile check backer

Check the mobile checkbox on the backside of the check if you would like to deposit the check using your mobile device. Simply snap a photo of the check front and back and submit the check for deposit using your bank’s mobile banking app.

15. Digital Verification Grid

The verification grid appears on the original document, but disappears when photocopied.

16. Non-negotiable phrase

The non-negotiable phrase on the check back prevents alteration of the check.

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