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A team of professionals in check stock design and security.

Our Story

A Foundation of Trust

We help businesses take control of their cash flow by improving the speed, efficiency, mobility and security of their entire payment approval process. We make it simple to manage your business payments, eliminate obstacles of current bookkeeping processes, and take your business remote – all while saving time and money. From our mobile app that lets you approve, sign, and send checks from your phone, to the advanced security features that keep your business protected, Checkrun is designed to work for your specific business needs. Our TruPrint Security Check Stock reduces risk to check fraud while increasing your savings.

Our parent company, AP Technology has a long-standing history and reputation in the business and finance community. Their suite of industry-leading payments software have been the trusted choice of business professionals, banks, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes since 1989.

Checkrun was developed to streamline the entire payment process—mobile check approvals and signing and check printing and mailing services for businesses of all sizes. We also utilize the same checking technology as AP Technology; all of our products combine next-generation security, efficiency, speed, mobility, and cost savings with remote printing and payment management.

Our Mission

When it comes to your business, making payments is important. Our purpose is to ensure you will always have the right way to pay, whether it’s checks, envelopes, or printing supplies. Stay conveniently restocked before you ever run out. Checkrun’s TruPrint Security Check Stock can be customized to fit your needs, making us one of the best places to order checks. This is your best protection to guard against check fraud.

“The same technology that we use to protect, process and manage million-dollar payments for some of the largest banks in America is also used to power Checkrun. Checkrun was built with accountants and bookkeepers in mind and has features influenced by our clients, like images of printed checks being stored back into QuickBooks Online.”

Richard Love

Founder & CEO

Online Shopping

Order business checks from us and know you’re in good hands; with our TruPrint Security Check Stock you’ll get business checks that are guaranteed to reduce check fraud while increasing your savings. You know your business, and we know checks.

Checkrun Memberships

When check payments are business as usual, Checkrun offers complete payment automation for QuickBooks Online Users. Approve and sign payments right from your phone. Manage multiple accounts at once. Automate all of your payment processes—including Positive Pay protection for checks.

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We offer custom ordering, MICR Toner, Envelopes, tax forms and more.

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